Beer Festivals: major events

Beer Festivals: major events

In Brussels, we never miss a chance to showcase the national drink: festivals, events, bars and cafes.

There are bars and cafes with incredible selections of beers, restaurants that carefully pair their dishes with the different varieties, and breweries and museums where you can learn all there is to know about this national treasure.

There are also beer festivals, where experts and beer lovers come together around a nice cold glass of the best beer Belgium and the rest of the world have to offer!

  • BXLBeerFest - The Crossroads of Beers and Friends - 22>23/08/2020

  • Here you will find only independent breweries that offer high quality, artisanal beers. The best of what the better Belgian breweries have to offer is complimented by that of breweries from around the world. Everyone is welcome to discover 50 breweries from 10 different countries. The BXLBeerFestival pays special attention to the culinary and gastronomic aspect of beer. Beer will get the culinary recognition it deserves at the BXLBeerFest.

  • Belgian Beer Weekend - 04>06/09/2020

  • For every beer lover, the highlight of the year is the Belgian Beer Weekend that takes place during the second weekend of September in the unique setting of the Grand’ Place. The beer weekend offers a sample of the different kinds of beers our country is known for.

    Throughout the weekend, several small, medium-sized and large Belgian breweries will offer more then 60 000 beer lovers the opportunity to enjoy one or more excellent Belgian beers in one of the most beautiful settings in the world (UNESCO world heritage).

  • Wanderlust Craft Beer Festival - 12 & 13/09/2020

  • The Wanderlust Craft Beer Festival organized by the Brussels Beer Project, based in the center of Brussels. This festival brings together about fifteen breweries coming from Europe, the United States and Asia in a very festive atmosphere. Not to be missed !