5 out of the ordinary activities in Brussels

5 out of the ordinary activities in Brussels

Are you looking for an original activity for when you visit Brussels? Whether with friends or family, the capital is full of surprising and fun activities that will make your stay unique!

You probably know the Brussels of museums, the Atomium, medieval alleys... but do you know the other side of Brussels? The one where you sing until the early hours of the morning, hurl axes, or even save the world.

Don't believe us? Discover five concepts that you would never have thought existed!

  • Woodcutter

  • Axe throwing is not just a simple release for darts fans, it's genuine sport. But it's also an art that's celebrated by the Woodcutter team! Equipped with an axe, you just have to aim at the centre of a target for the maximum number of points. It becomes very quickly addictive, so don't hesitate to refresh yourself with a nice artisanal beer before having another go!

  • Escape room VR 

  • Want to spice up the concept of escape rooms? Then this new virtual reality (VR) experience is just the thing for you. Equipped with a VR helmet and two controllers, embark on a breathtaking 3D experience. Your mission: to save the world - no more, no less.


  • Entirely dedicated to fun, JUMP XL (website in French) is a 1500m² space that will awaken the Peter Pan inside you. On the program: XXL jumps, giant trampolines and also a little climbing thanks to a climbing wall

  • BOA 

  • A new mecca for karaoke fans, BOA (website in French) is the place to wake up the Beyonce in you. Nestled in the heart of the capital, BOA offers you a variety of playlists ranging from the great classics to the hits of the 2000s, including Disney theme songs and Eurovision hits.  

  • The Sewer Museum

  • You won't encounter any rats at the Sewer Museum. Instead, you'll get an idea of what's really going on beneath your feet. The Sewer Museum is a place that offers an atypical view of the city of Brussels and is more welcoming than you might imagine. Walking in this 1900km long underground network is in itself, a real curiosity!