Fluid and sustainable mobility - without doubt this is one of the greatest challenges of the future

Fluid and sustainable mobility - without doubt this is one of the greatest challenges of the future

Overview of the solutions currently analysed by EUROPCAR MOBILITY GROUP

Mobility budget

As a major player in mobility in the world, Europcar Mobility Group has developed appropriate solutions to meet the environmental and social challenges of tomorrow. In Belgium, the advent of the mobility budget has shaken up how companies must organise their mobility. As a reminder, this mobility budget can be introduced by any employer who wishes to and enables the worker concerned to opt for greener mobility.

The budget is set up as follows:

  • Step 1: The employee will opt for a less polluting company vehicle;
  • Step 2: The employee will use various means of sustainable transport (bicycles, scooters, electric scooters, ..., but also car & bike sharing, taxis, short term rental);
  • Step 3: The employee will exchange the possible balance of his annual budget for a cash amount with a tax rate of 38.07%.

What are the solutions contemplated for fluid mobility in this legal context?
Europcar Mobility Group offers a wide range of possibilities for this second step. Michaël Xhonneux, Sales & Marketing Director at Europcar Mobility Group Belgium, sheds more light on this for us.

“Short-term vehicle rental now more than ever constitutes one of the most appropriate solutions for mobility requirements of tomorrow. “

Alternative and innovative mobility

“However, mobility of tomorrow requires other solutions. In order to efficiently solve this, we have initiated and invested in a ‘mobility laboratory’. This tool has enabled us to analyse new requirements as well as new trends. With Scooty, a service for shared, self-service electric scooters, we are meeting other market developments. With a fleet of more than 600 scooters available in Brussels and Antwerp, we are offering the ‘last mile’ solution in cities where, for some months now, a low emission zone is in force, i.e. the most congested European cities. A sustainable and green solution that enables users to locate, reserve and drive an electric scooter.

Just recently, Europcar Mobility Group has included a bicycle rent-to-own service: Europcar Bikes, in collaboration with C-Tec. This consists of electric or ordinary bicycles made available to companies that offer a bicycle plan to their employees. This service is available throughout Belgium via a national network of independent points of sale. “

Michaël Xhonneux stresses that Europcar Mobility Group is always looking for new, innovative mobility solutions, and that new solutions will without question be added to the existing solutions in the very near future. For instance, parking management and car sharing in partnership with Commuty or workshops in B2B enabling initiation and education concerning slower mobility for companies wishing to change towards these solutions.

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