Good Low-budget Food: 4 Meals Under 15 Euros

Good Low-budget Food: 4 Meals Under 15 Euros

Feeling a little peckish, but you’d rather save your money to go shopping? Don’t worry, you won’t go hungry in Brussels! These 4 restaurants offer cheap, yet delicious meals. Bon appétit!

  • Knees to Chin

    This Vietnamese restaurant specialises in exquisite ‘rice paper rolls’. It is no surprise that they are also a hit on Instagram: they are little works of art that are almost too lovely to eat (but far too tasty to leave on your plate)!

    Each variety is made with fresh ingredients, wrapped in transparent rice paper and served with a suitable sauce. Do ‘Crispy Bacon’, ‘Peking Duck’, ‘Coconut Omelette’ and ‘Caramelised Pepper’ sound tempting? These are just a few examples from the varied menu. Healthy, original food at a great price – what more could you ask? Okay, maybe the sesame ice cream or steamed coconut balls for dessert…

    Expect to pay 4.30 euros for one spring roll and 10.270 euros for a lunch menu.

    Dam Sum

    Ask a Brussels foodie about their ‘happy place’ and the chances are they will tell you about ‘Dam Sum’. This is where you will find the most delicious dim sum in the city.

    Watch the chef and his team at work in the open kitchen, folding scraps of dough into tiny works of dim sum art at lightning speed. Enjoy delicious snacks such as ‘BBQ pork buns’ served in a bamboo steamer, in colourful surroundings with Chinese murals. A treat for your taste buds! If you have trouble with chopsticks, don’t worry. The speciality of the house is dim sum filled with soup: the waiter will explain exactly how to eat them. Do what the Chinese do and order a cup of tea with your dim sum. Or go for the delicious, refreshing homemade ice tea.


    You don’t have to go all the way to Japan for really good sushi, as Makisu proves. Mix a little dollop of wasabi with a generous splash of soy sauce and let some funky or fresh maki tingle your taste buds! We recommend the WTF(G) with foie gras, the Astro Boy with chicken teriyaki and the Spicy Pablo with scampi! Fancy a salad instead? Then go for the Pacific Power Bowl with marinated tuna, avocado, mango, black radish and edamame beans. And if none of the rolls & bowls on the menu are exactly what you had in mind, feel free to create your own sushi roll! Order at the counter and then take a seat in the plain wooden interior with colourful details. You can also order food to go, or have it delivered. For 8 maki you pay between 4.9 and 6.1 euros. No reservations.

    Bia Mara

    At Bia Mara - Irish for ‘fish’ - you will find street food in an industrial setting. Grab a snack on the go and enjoy the taste of sustainably caught fish.

    The day’s selection is written on a big blackboard. It often includes unfamiliar species of fish such as hake, sea bream and tub gurnard. Choose your fish and batter (light tempura or crunchy Japanese breadcrumb) and dip the resulting delicacy in an exciting assortment of homemade sauces. Tip: try the truffle and garlic mayonnaise or curry and lime sauce. You’re bound to lick every last, delicious morsel from your fingers and your biodegradable cutlery! The fresh chips salted with seaweed and a Belgian beer make your meal complete.

    Expect to pay 13 euros for a portion of fish & chips and 4-9 euros for a side dish.