ING Finance Services

ING Finance Services

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“ING Business Services” for your association

At ING Belgium the opening of bank accounts for an association can be initiated online;

The ING online Business Bank service allows you an almost complete online management of your bank accounts and cash management;

Your personal Business Banker is there for expert assistance with your banking and insurance needs;


ING Business banking:


Efficient management of the finances of your association and its staff

At ING Belgium you have an online process to become a client as an association or company:

Thereupon you can manage the account of your association fully online, including foreign currency or international payments or receipts. Of course you have access to a business banker for advice where and when needed. Specialized online services exist for the management or your invoices for example:

Also your personal accounts, as a Foreign national or as a Belgian, can be opened swiftly online:

After which you have access to full online banking including foreign currency (only for the Green Account) or international payments and receipts.

ING Belgium organizes free information seminars on buying real estate in Belgium, pension, estate planning and financial investments:

We offer services during your whole lifecycle and at all moments of life. A mortgage, fire and life insurance when you buy private property; Tax facilitated pension services; Car financing and insurance; Credit cards and travel insurance. Even when you would leave Belgium again, we are still there to help you with our non-resident services.

ING VIP Expat Financial Services” for your staff

At ING Belgium, Expat bank accounts and cards, rental guarantee and renter liability insurance can be ready for use on arrival in Belgium;

The ING Expat Contact Centre is open from 8 am to 10 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday;

The ING Internet Banking Services (including Smartphone or Tablet Apps) permit Expats to do most of their bank transactions online, including savings, investments, travel and car insurance;

The ING Expat officers are there to assist you with managing your investments, buying a dream home in Belgium and insurance, pension questions…

ING Expat Contact Centre : +32-2-464.6664,,