The Brusselicious label

The Brusselicious label

Ample and friendly, Belgian cuisine is rich in tradition and age-old recipes. Its roots are in the land and sea alike. Its signature products are chocolate, beer, and chips- accessible to, and enjoyed by, just about everyone.

The selection of Belgian/Brusselier restaurants is particularly vast in the capital. The Brusselicious label lists the best spots that lay claim to and honour this Belgian cuisine. Each certified establishment has its own personality but all endeavour to defend the values of local cuisine: simple, friendly, and tasty.

The final selection was conducted by a panel of culinary journalists who have considered the presence of distinctive dishes on the menu, their quality, ingredients, and service.

A certain number of chip stands are also offered. Her majesty the national chip, the star dish of our popular cuisine, never tastes as good as it does when eaten on the go. Here, too, very special attention is brought to the basic steps of its preparation. perfect frying in beef or horse drippings, immediate cutting, and artisanal sauces are the criteria that contributed to the selection made by the panel of journalists.


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