3 is a magic number !

3 is a magic number !

Three years after its creation, the Association Bureau retrospective of its achievements and the beautiful meetings made in Brussels and in the community of international associations.


1. The Association Bureau team celebrates its 3 years!

What is more natural for the world’s N°1 destination for international associations headquarters to have a specific service for them. With over 2300 associations having Brussels as home offering a tailored made service for activities more than just to visit was needed. The Association Bureau was born, putting together 3 talents for all the opportunities available!

  • 2. Association Community in Brussels, a family that is growing bigger and bigger!

    The number of associations established in Brussels keeps growing. Evolving over the years the association community has established itself as an important economic actor in the Brussels region with a large quantity and variety of jobs, and as a vibrant ecosystem on its own and towards international organisations. 

    Over the past three years, we have developed a wide range of reports and diverse and varied partnerships, and this has contributed to grow the Assocation Bureau's family. Today, we can count on them and the Brussels network, which we strive to promote and propose to the International Associations established in Brussels or not yet.

    In this regard, find all the details of how to establish your association in Brussels here.


    3. The European Association Summit

    A fact that you may not know about the Association Bureau: The European Association Summit (EAS) was born before!

    If you look well, the first edition of EAS was in 2013, but the Association Bureau was created in 2016, 3 years after the creation of the event .... We told you: 3 is a magic number!

    Here is a small chronological retrospective of the highlights of each edition:

    2013: For this first edition, the Summit offered a focus on international associations and business opportunities in Brussels - it was the beginning of a series of meetings, exchanges and case studies in the format of a peer-to-peer event!

    2014: That year, specific questions for the development of an Association were discussed, such as: how to attract and retain members how to animate your community of members? and how to develop it?

    2015: In 2015 a crucial question was asked: How to build and keep your dream team! behind all success, behind any event or congress, there is always a strong team!

    2016: with this edition we launched the Association Bureau!

    2017 Big jump for EAS with more sessions and new format!

    2018 We change the season and we have established stronger and interesting partnerships.

    2019: this year we were sustainable!


    4. & more events

    Last but not least, the Association Bureau has set up new opportunities for meetings between the associations established in Brussels:

    - The Summer Event 2018 was the first edition of a new winning formula - Want to know more? The 2019 edition is coming.

    - The Winter Event 2019 was a great success: about fifty associations met at the ING Art Center for a private show of the Revolutions exhibition, followed by a presentation of our partners and finally a walking dinner.

    - the Experience Brussels for Associations was a great opportunity to make the associations meet around an interactive game to test their knowledge (or not) of the city.

    - the Summer Event 2019... it's coming soon! More info on the article here!