The living legacies from singer-songwriter Jacques Brel and choreographer Maurice Béjart

The living legacies from singer-songwriter Jacques Brel and choreographer Maurice Béjart

Arts and culture are flourishing in Brussels. Even a casual visitor can’t fail to marvel at the city’s history, art and architecture available on almost every city-centre street. But look a little closer and you will also discover a vibrant world of music, dance and theatre waiting for you.

Two of Brussels’ most famous residents – singer-songwriter Jacques Brel and choreographer Maurice Béjart – have left living legacies of their work for all to enjoy. Both venues are just a few meters from the Grand ‘Place and welcome groups of private visitors, offering an attractive cultural excursion for visitors to the city. Private guided tour? Pre-dinner cocktail? Post-meeting party? The choice is yours.

  • Editions Jacques Brel

    Tender, powerful, passionate,… the songs of the late, great Jacques Brel find a place in most people’s hearts. The foundation in his name retraces his life with video, audio, interviews, artefacts and narrative around the music that took this Brussels-born singer to worldwide fame.

    Editions Jacques Brel welcomes you to the “Jaime les Belges” permanent exhibition

    Discover also the “J’aime l’accent Bruxellois” walk

    Groups of up to 10 (or 20 split in 2) are welcome to visit the exhibition by appointment out of hours.

    No limit on numbers for Brel’s Brussels Walk after 18h.

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    Editions Jacques Brel
    Place de la Vieille Halle aux Blés - Oud Korenhuis
    1000 Brussels

  • Maurice Béjart House

    Maurice Béjart House pays homage to one of the greatest influencers and modernisers of European ballet in the last century. Controversial and populist, he opened up traditional ballet to new audiences and fans. In 1960 he created the Ballet of the XXth Century in Brussels and lived in the city for many years. Today, his house in a narrow cobbled street in the historical city centre exhibits his work and aspirations.

    Available for private groups of up to 200, but ideally up to 50.

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    Maurice Béjart House
    Rue de la Fourche 49 Greepstraat
    1000 Brussels