A New Showcase for Cavell from September

A New Showcase for Cavell from September

From 24 September, the Edith Cavell Medical Centre (CHIREC), currently located on rue Edith Cavell, will move to the building on rue Général Lotz and rue Vanderkindere.

Work is progressing at full speed! The transition between the two locations will be smooth, without any disruptions to regular activities. "We are currently located in the building at 32, rue Edith Cavell: visitors may only enter using the hall on rue Edith Cavell, and our car park on rue Général Lotz remains accessible to patients," explains Dr Schetgen.

In addition, renovation and interior finishing work in the building on 37, rue Général Lotz and rue Vanderkindere is underway. It will be home to the Edith Cavell Medical Centre in its final version, from the 24th of September. "We therefore remain available at the Cavell site, and will continue to do so going forward," highlights the site's head doctor.

An Important Neighbourhood Clinic for Our Patients and Referrers

The aim is for Cavell to consolidate its anchoring and long-term collaborations with general practitioners, by providing a major neighbourhood clinic available to patients. It is open from Monday to Friday, from 7.30 to 20.00, and on Saturday mornings for laboratory tests.

The range of services it provides goes well beyond the sometimes narrow definition of a "polyclinic." Below is a brief overview:

  • 130 specialists and paramedics covering a range of specialities (including a physical therapy department).
  • Two digestive and urological endoscopy rooms.
  • A surgical day clinic for local anaesthesia procedures on adult patients.
  • A dispensary for all types of nursing care.
  • A radiology department (scans, conventional radiology, ultrasounds, mammography).
  • An isotope department with a gamma camera.
  • A drop-in testing centre (blood sampling), open from Monday to Friday, 7.30 to 17.00 (except for children and hyperglycaemia triangles), and on Saturdays from 8.00 to 11.00.
  • A paediatric dispensary with last-minute appointments open from Monday to Friday between 9.20 and 13.00.

A New Directory

As part of these changes, a new directory has been published listing on-site specialists, paramedics and medico-technical services, along with phone numbers for making appointments or contacting practitioners.

The directory is available at the Edith Cavell Medical Centre, and on the CHIREC website: http://chirec.be/uploaded/repertoires/centre_medical_cavell/repertoire-centre-medical-edith-cavell-v042018.pdf

Useful Numbers

These phone numbers work in the current Medical Centre and will remain the same after the move to rue Général Lotz.

  • Reception: 02 434 43 33
  • Consultations: 02/434 81 01
  • Preoperative testing: 02/434 46 58
  • Clinical investigations – endoscopy: 02/434 81 01
  • Nuclear medicine – isotopes: 02/434 88 45
  • Testing – blood collection: 02/434 81 02
  • Radiology – ultrasounds - scans: 02/434 88 46
  • Paediatric emergencies - dispensary: 02/434 81 01

If you'd like to keep following updates about the Edith Caven Medical Centre, please email Dr Gilbert Schetgen: gilbert.schetgen@chirec.be