Bleisure: combining business and leisure for an enriching trip!

Bleisure: combining business and leisure for an enriching trip!


Work hard! Play even harder!


An international meeting, a conference, an exhibition, or an event to organize? You should seriously consider Brussels.


First, our reception halls and their unusual decor: Art Nouveau, modern, or historical, there is something for everyone.


Secondly, technological infrastructure, high-end connectivity, and digital solutions for all your challenges.


Our central location, just two hours by train or a maximum of three hours by plane from your home is also a great asset.


But let's not forget that work deserves a reward, and that the secret of a successful event is the well-being of its participants. That's why Brussels is the ideal place to combine business and leisure for more pleasure!


We can talk about our numerous green spaces for refreshing walks, our museums and monuments under the open sky, or our culture of the abstract that makes every walk feel epic.


Our flea markets, thematic walks, and sports facilities on every corner.


From our different neighborhoods where you can discover a diverse atmosphere, tastes, and smells, you can witness the multiculturality and global influences that the diversity of our inhabitants and our entrepreneurs have created.


We can also talk about our beer, our chocolate, and our waffles. True culinary jewels of our flat country. Tasting activities are available for groups:

Beer Tasting and Chocolate tasting


And, our outstanding hotel sector which welcomes travelers with budgets of all sizes.


Let's also talk about our restaurants, their cuisine, and a variation of dishes from all over the world. Our street food vendors, eager to surprise you and introduce you to new tastes.


Let's not forget our concert halls, festivals, street artists and dozens of theaters. Classical, modern, abstract, comic, the program is complete.


To help you in your choice, here are our top 20 activities.

What takes your fancy?