Brussels gets ready for Stereopsia !

Brussels gets ready for Stereopsia !

In December, Brussels will be the host city of the 9th World Immersion Forum. Are you looking to stay up-to-date with the latest developments, challenges and technologies of 3D Immersion?

From 11 to 13 December, the Centre for Fine Arts is the place to be! Get ready to discover Stereopsia and enter a virtual world of unlimited discovery!

Experience the magic and the power of immersion

Stereopsia is an international forum dedicated to all artistic, technological, content, and business facets of 3D immersion. Immersion refers to the feeling of being physically present in a virtual world.

In December, hundreds of international experts, engineers, academics, artists, producers… will visit Brussels to find out what’s new in 3D, VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), and XR (extended reality).

This international event is organised in close collaboration with the Hollywood-based Advanced Imaging Society & VR Society and their EMEA Chapter. It also gives out the prestigious Lumière Awards, identical to the American equivalent.

Brussels at the forefront of technology

Brussels is a pivotal centre of excellence in IT and the creative industry and considers Virtual Reality one of its high-tech economic priorities. Furthermore, with its international character and easy accessibility, the capital has all the ingredients to accommodate a state-of-the-art innovative event such as Stereopsia.

“We have decided to organise Stereopsia in Brussels because of its international visibility. Without the support of numerous Brussels’ organisations that have extended a warm welcome, this project would not have been possible. Several organisations have made a financial contribution, and we have fully benefited from useful local networks”, explains Alain Gallez, Co-organizer of Stereopsia.

An enticing three-day programme

The Centre for Fine Arts will be buzzing with activity in December. Here’s what Stereopsia has in store for you:

  • An exhibition showcasing innovative content and technologies. Think 3D visualisation, 3D cinema, cinematic VR, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D sound and much more.
  • IC3D, the international conference on 3D immersion. Scientists, engineers, academics and researchers will discover and debate all aspects – scientific, engineering, maths – and all forms of 3D immersion. IC3D is unique as it is one of the leading international conferences on immersion that is seamlessly integrated into an event.
  • The 3D Academy offers a unique hands-on training on the topic of Mixed Reality. Mixed Reality is halfway between the real and virtual world and combines the best of VR and AR. During the training session, participants will learn how MR works, using a Microsoft Hololens headset and Unity software and get a chance to create their own application. A one-of-a-kind training, indeed!
  • The 3D Film Booster, or 3DFB, helps independent producers to find the appropriate funding for their 3D content projects and how to reach their market and audience.
  • PCON is a professional conference which consists of short, high-paced presentations by world experts on science, technology, art, content, business… The conference is interesting for both professionals and 3D aficionados as all the latest concepts in 3D immersion will be presented in understandable terms. It kicks off on 12 December with a keynote presentation on storytelling in the digital age, given by Frank Rose of Columbia University.

And the Lumiere goes to…

For the 6th year, Stereopsia organises the Lumiere Awards for the EMEA territory. The golden statuettes will be awarded for outstanding achievements in cutting-edge content and technology.

Thrilled to take part in Stereopsia and to be immersed in the exciting world of VR, AR, MR,…?

Register now on Stereopsia. See you there!