Chances are we’ll meet in Brussels

Chances are we’ll meet in Brussels

Where do international associations hold their meetings, congresses and symposia? For the fifth year in a row, Brussels is the top European destination for international meetings and it ranks second worldwide. The Association Bureau makes Brussels a great base for any international organisation.

The experts say so

We didn’t proclaim ourselves top of the meeting destinations. It is the Union of International Associations (UIA) that has been collecting annual statistics on international meetings worldwide since 1960. They provide a comprehensive overview of trends in international organisations through research and surveys.

The UIA revealed the ranking for 2017 and Brussels is yet again the number one destination in Europe for meetings organised or sponsored by international organisations (e.g. sittings of principal organs, congresses, conventions, symposia, regional sessions, etc.). The European capital continues its popular streak, steadily leading amongst the European meeting destination for associations for five years in a row now. Globally, Brussels proudly ranks second (757 meetings) just after Singapore (802 meetings).

So chances are, your international organisation will also invite you to Brussels, sooner or later.

  • The Association Bureau welcomes you

    Besides being a leading place for meetings, Brussels is also the perfect base for international associations thanks to its open and multicultural character. Over 2000 associations already have their headquarters in the city. They enjoy an ecosystem that has been specifically developed for the association community throughout decades.

    Going beyond tourism, two years ago, set up the Association Bureau to complement its Convention Bureau. This specific service helps international and European associations based in Brussels to develop their activities. But the Bureau also assists associations abroad that plan to set up activities in the leading European hub for networking and decision-making.

    The Association Bureau organises the annual European Association Summit, a peer-to-peer educational forum for association representatives. The next edition will take place on 28 February and 1 March at the Square.

    More recently, the Bureau also started organizing the Association Summer event and launched a series of educational events with partners. In the near future, it will inaugurate a new cooperative space exclusively dedicated to the needs of international associations. So stay tuned.

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  • "Brussels keeps its leadership for international associations meetings in Europe and our local activities for them is unbeatable at world level. Our commitment is to keep enhancing our offer as destination" says Elisabeth Van Ingelgem, director of the Convention Bureau...