Event experience: engage participants through mindfulness activities

Event experience: engage participants through mindfulness activities

More and more events offer opportunities to generate engagement through wellness, play or tech activities.

Mindfulness, the concept behind these strategies, is becoming increasingly dominant in every aspect of event planning.

Let’s talk about mindfulness!

Business travel can be burdensome, especially when you require a certain degree of calmness and clarity of thought from your attendees. Therefore, you should allow time in the morning or afternoon for attendees to relax.

Plan a group yoga/meditation session during a break or a nature walk before the meeting starts. It will help everyone to enter the meeting with his or her creativity, self-confidence, and ideas flowing.  These activities do not only generate positive feelings, they also improve focus and concentration. Participants, once they have experienced these effects, will soon become thirsty for more.

Mindfulness is not only about being relaxed and in the moment, it is also about brain-friendly food, that nourishes both body and mind. Choose healthier options to keep your attendees focused and sharp.

As an event planner, start to incorporate health and wellness components into your offers. Think about what the meetings & incentives industry can do to provide better synergies in support of wellness: have a look at the results of the “The IRF Wellness in Meetings and Incentive Travel Study”.

Find out more about mindfulness here.

Ready to offer a better experience for your attendees in Brussels? Be sure to contact the following organisations:

Brussels mindfulness: https://www.brusselsmindfulness.be

Institute for attention & mindfulness: https://aandacht.be/en

Institut-mindfulness: https://institut-mindfulness.be/entreprise

Popupyogaconcept: https://www.popupyogaconcepts.be