Eventer: brief summary of the facts

Eventer: brief summary of the facts

It’s not all about Silicon Valley. With more than 10,000 users, the Belgian Eventer app is the perfect example. A brief summary of the facts:

The original Eventer team started from a simple observation: the social networks of today have become indispensable and every event is immortalised, commented upon, shared and liked.

The idea was therefore to find an easy, efficient and enjoyable way of sharing photos between each person involved in these events.

Eventer has a simple, intuitive and chronological interface which, through geolocation, allows photos added by all participants in an event to be viewed in real-time. 

Each user can then identify themselves, like, share or contact the person who took the photo, as well as other participants. An ideal way of finding, organising and looking at the best photos from the evening.

With more than 10,000 users in Belgium and France in little more than one year of existence, the Eventer app has already attracted numerous partners: Proximus, Beci as well as Ice Watch swear by it and have already made it one of their private partners.

But that is not all! In October 2017, Eventer launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Mymicroinvest platform in order to increase its internal capabilities and enable new functionalities to be developed.

A choice which proved to be the right one because in just 48 hours the Belgian start-up managed to attract more than €100,000! The success story continues...