GAHP hubs among the world’s most influential cities

GAHP hubs among the world’s most influential cities

ATKearneys annual Global Cities Report highlights regional trends revealed over the past decade and examines what defines the most influential cities.

Established in 2008, A.T. Kearney’s Global Cities Index was one of the first to rank cities based on their global standing, and it remains highly regarded for its holistic assessment of city capabilities and potential.

Designed by top academics and business advisors, the analysis is based on facts and publicly available data.

Global Elite cities possess a mix of factors such as business activity, human capital, information exchange, political engagement, and cultural experiences that help organizations and people thrive.

They attract the best companies, the top talent, and the most investment dollars.

All four GAHP PARTNER HUBS rank in the Global Index Top 30. They are on the podium in their respective regions:


HUBS           GLOBAL POSITION                  REGION           REGIONAL RANKING

Singapore                   7                                  South East Asia                2

Brussels                    10                                  Europe                                3

Washington             11                                   North America                3

Dubai                         28                                  Middle East                       2


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Source : Global Association Hubs website