Meet the Ambassadors!

Meet the Ambassadors!

Brussels is the number one destination for international meetings and events. But that doesn’t mean it rests on its laurels – quite the contrary.

In 2018, it continues to develop new and innovative initiatives to maintain its enviable position, such as the Ambassador programme, officially launched in January 2017. Its scope: to promote Brussels as a key destination for large international events. Meet the ambassadors!

The Ambassador Programme in short

The Ambassador Programme was created by to increase the success rate of international event bids, to boost the number of international events and to promote Brussels as a hub in life sciences, business services, sustainability and clean tech, ICT, and media & the creative industries.

The power of networking

Did you know that 80% of congresses are brought in by experts, who are major local economic players? They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and may be professors, doctors, researchers, associations professionals …

All ambassadors - over 200 to date - share a passion for their job, their field, and for the city of Brussels, and they all have outstanding international reputations. In short, the ambassadors are people who have the power and the connections to make a substantial contribution to help Brussels remain the MICE destination of choice.

A win-win deal

Being a Brussels Ambassador comes with its perks. Not only does the ambassadorship strengthen the reputation of the participants, it also opens access to a large network of high-profile professionals, academics, politicians and funding bodies.

Moreover, Brussels Ambassadors can count on the resources and support of the team. The team has vast expertise in preparing bids, and they have a large network of experts and can introduce the ambassadors to suppliers that can help with the organisation of their event.

They also offer marketing services to promote the event at home and abroad and maximise the attendance.

Once the big day has arrived, the ambassadors can count on the team to welcome the delegates and make sure everyone feels at home in Brussels.

In addition, can help with financial support, either by putting the ambassadors in contact with relevant bodies and institutions or by direct financial support to attract top events to the capital.

And the award goes to…

The numbers don’t lie: between 2014 and 2017, there were 136 ambassadors. Today, the programme already counts 224 ambassadors.

Last year, organised the first Brussels Ambassadors Night and presented a total of 37 awards to ambassadors who have made a great contribution to promoting Brussels over the past three years.

Jointly, the award winners had organised over 60 events in Brussels, all with over 800 participants. In total, these events have welcomed over 500,000 delegates and no less than 9,000 speakers in the last three years.

In front of an audience of academics, European Commissioners, chairmen and board members of international associations based in Brussels, scientists, and other destination partners, the 37 new ambassadors were praised for their efforts and support.

This year, the Ambassadors Night took place in January. For this second edition, awards have been given to ambassadors who have brought major international events to Brussels in the year 2018.

why not become ambassador yourself? To be continued!