Organising an event in Brussels? You can rely on local experts!

Organising an event in Brussels? You can rely on local experts!

Brussels provides support programmes to organisers of MICE events. What kind of support can you be given?

The free bespoke services provided by enhance and promote events taking place in the capital. These services could come in the form of logistical, financial or organisational support. However, organisers of international events have increasingly complex needs and they are no longer choosing a location purely on the basis of its hosting capabilities and accessibility, or on the basis of how appealing it is. provides support which relates to communication and accessing specific professional networks. Therefore, we’re able to help to mobilise participants, sponsors and stakeholders.

Our Convention Bureau supports the organisers and puts them in touch with experts, local specialists, institutions or local associations in the area covered by the event. This provides a major boost to the event’s participation and feel.

Are there any industries which are particularly popular in Brussels?

Thanks to its location and its international reputation, Brussels can host all types of events. However, Brussels is gradually becoming specialised in sectors of excellence which we are increasingly promoting. These sectors include media and creativity, information and communication technologies (ICT), life sciences, pharmaceuticals, sustainable development, clean technologies and business services.

The experts at address organisers’ specific needs

The advantage of this is that organisers in these business sectors receive the best support, via a specific support programme. This programme will be implemented through support provided for organising the congress or through measures to improve the experience of delegates in Brussels. Alongside this programme, the Convention Bureau at has built up a network of 150 ambassadors, professionals and experts in these sectors. These ambassadors have organised major events in Brussels themselves and we can benefit from their experience and their connections to help future organisers to put on their events in Europe’s capital.

Sustainable development is a priority for the Brussels-Capital Region. Many initiatives are being launched. In particular, we are providing practical support to local stakeholders (including hotels, venues, museums and transport) and event organisers to help them move towards a more sustainable approach and encourage them to consider the circular economy in their strategies. We’re making a lot of progress in this area and are already seeing results. What’s more, Brussels can also take pride in its position among the world’s top 10 pioneering cities for its responsible and sustainable policies and practices within the business and events tourism industry (Global Destination Sustainability Index, GDS, 2018). 

Brussels boasts a huge range of unparalleled event venues. This is the SQUARE-BRUSSELS CONVENTION CENTRE