Ripple: Tinder moves into the business market

Ripple: Tinder moves into the business market Ripple: Tinder moves into the business market

Nowadays, meeting online is synonymous with Tinder, whereas professional social networking remains synonymous with LinkedIn.

But Tinder is ready to break that mould and is launching Ripple!

Ripple (not to be confused with the cryptocurrency and payment protocol of the same name), is an app that puts professionals in contact with each in much the same way as Tinder: it will allow you to swipe through potential professional contacts in order to meet them and/or add them to your professional network.

Ryan Ogle, Chief Technical Officer of Tinder and CEO of Ripple, wants to assure people of the relevance of the system: unlike Tinder, the professional app will showcase the skills and text more than the photos.

Ripple will also set itself apart from the competition thanks to some special new features:

The app will feature a function that allows you to view the profiles of people you may have come across. This feature reminds us of another similar app: Happn.

Another new feature that could prove to be controversial is Ripple’s use of facial recognition.

To put it simply, you will be able to add somebody that you have met in the street by pointing your camera at them.

But what of the person’s right to consent or a private life?

We will, of course, need to wait for the app to be released before we can find out more about the facial recognition feature, but it remains a very sensitive subject in Europe today (read our article about GDPR).

The prince of professional networking has its eyes on LinkedIn’s crown… watch this space!