The importance of a high-performance secretariat for an association

The importance of a high-performance secretariat for an association

At the June session of the Association Leadership Academy were shared the conclusions of a report compiled by the recruitment company « Ellwood Atfield », present in Brussels and other cities.

Based on face-to-face interviews, an online survey, and insights from other previous research, the report identifies seven key attributes of a high performance secretariat. Those attributes are:

  1. Individual accountability
  2. Shared responsibility
  3. Open communications
  4. Participative leadership
  5. Mutual trust
  6. Proactive and responsive attitude
  7. Alignment on strategy

Those attributes have been also confronted against the leadership of an association, as well as staff expectations for reward. The presentation at the event also underlined the need for an evaluation among the membership of the functioning of an association’s secretariat and keep the track on matching the purposes and resources of an organisation.

At the event two case studies served to illustrate the change management process related to their Secretariat undertaken by the Secretaries General of two associations, Euroheat & Power and CLEPA – the European Association of Automotive Suppliers.

The report is available on the company website -  here