The manifesto defended by international associations during the European elections

The manifesto defended by international associations during the European elections

The presentation of a manifesto in view of the elections has become a part of the participation in the democratic process for various associations. Presenting the views in such a document helps to shape the debate, highlight in public the views of the sector whom represents the association and be vocal towards decision-makers during the campaign and after the elections.

The use of a manifesto has been widely spreading since the enhancement of the civil society participation in the democratic process. The use of a document stating the views of the organisation behind it helps in building a vision for the society and the representation of interests.

Within the context of European Parliament elections over time the associations have enhanced their ability in issuing a manifesto adapted to the social, economic and political context of each scrutiny. For a European association the creation of a manifesto allows to put together the achievements, a programme of activities, the views of the sector and open the debate for future proposals.

Independently of the tools used for a manifesto – statement on a website, widely shared document, video – the main aim is to present the intentions of an association and serve as an advocacy and campaigning instrument, engaging an association secretariat, its members and allies towards candidates for the elections at EU level and EU institutions representatives.

The advantage of issuing a manifesto is also an opportunity to gather specific resolutions and serve as a roadmap after the elections, to engage into a dialogue for the setup of policies according to the needs and expectations of the sector represented by an association. Whether the manifesto statements narrow or expand the wishes of the sector, its link to the latest social, technology or economic trends allows to see what are the main concerns existing in every field of represented activities.

For someone who does not follow regularly the activities of a sector or an association the manifesto also allows to see the key projects and main results achieved during a determined time period. Since the elections to the European Parliament are approaching, why not take the opportunity to become more familiar with an association thanks to its manifesto.