Welcome to Virtual Brussels

Welcome to Virtual Brussels

Ready to enter a new dimension?

That Brussels has a lot to offer in real life, goes without saying. But did you also know that our capital is a frontrunner in virtual reality experiences? Not only is VR one of the high-tech economic priorities, but you can also slay dragons, visit space, engage in combat as a ninja… all in the heart of Europe.

Virtual Reality in a nutshell

Virtual Reality (VR) presents a computer-generated three-dimensional environment to our senses, creating realistic images, sound and other sensory sensations in an artificial world, similar to the real one. You experience so-called immersion, where you feel inside and part of the virtual world. Another important element is the interactivity: you can interact with the virtual environment and forget about your real surroundings.

A wide array of applications

Its applications are various: the arts, architecture, medicine, sports, … Whenever something is too dangerous, expensive or difficult to do in real life, VR may provide an answer. Think virtual prototypes in manufacturing or complicated surgical procedures. In the coming years, we’ll see numerous ways in which VR can help us. Just recently, for instance, researchers developed a game to diagnose the first stages of dementia.

Brussels is at the forefront of virtual reality. VR is even one of its high-tech economic priorities, and the city has a vibrant community of designers, developers, gamers, entrepreneurs, … working relentlessly to make VR accessible to all.

The perfect team building event

With its high-tech entertainment value, VR is perfect to organise an original, fun team building (who needs another paintballing game, right?) You can engage in compelling, competitive experiences with small and larger teams. And thanks to the endless possibilities VR has to offer, you can explore strange, new worlds.

The result: a memorable, engaging event, bound to cause some genuine excitement and huge smiles on your co-workers’ faces. And not unimportant: thanks to the immersive and interactive nature of VR, you can forge stronger connections between the team and position yourself as a cutting-edge employer.

Take the Virtual Room Brussels. There, you even get the chance to travel through time. The mission: save the world, because its fate rests in the hands of your team. In one hour time! The Virtual Room experience is for 2-4 players, between 12 and 70 years old. It’s perfect for a team building, but also for a fun day out with friends or the family.

If time travel is not your cup of tea, make sure to check out futuristgame.be. They offer a wide panoply of games. Kill the dragon with the sword Excalibur, run through the jungle, play an escape game, become a ninja or an astronaut …Just pick your choice. The game is open for players of 12 years and up. You can come alone or in a group, and the experience lasts between 15 minutes and 1 hour. If you come as a group, the rest of the team can follow the VR player on screens or engage in other activities.

We won’t go as far as Elon Musk who recently said we could all well be living in a computer simulation right now, but we can highly recommend discovering other VR worlds in Brussels…