Meet the Association Bureau Team

Meet the Association Bureau Team

This is us! 

With more than 2.300 international associations based here, Brussels is the world leader for association headquarters. That's why the Association Bureau can rely on a strong team! 

This year is a promising year with a lot of new activities organised by the Association Bureau together with our various partners.

Starting with the annual peer-to-peer education and networking summit European Association Summit in March,  followed by the Summer Event and the Winter Event at the end of the year, our agenda is always full all year round. 

Contact details: Association Bureau Services

  • Jan Lichota, Manager of the Association Bureau, joined to lead the development of our Bureau's activities. He has put his varied educational background for The Brewers of Europe in Brussels as Legal Advisor for several years and has also been active in the fields of event management and journalism. Jan is also a university lecturer in his home country, Poland.

  • Lara Grofils, her role is to engage international associations in Brussels around the Association Co-Space project, through good networking, community and event management along with partnerships.

  • Giulia Funari, the latest to join the team. She's the project manager of the European Association Summit and the coordinator of the different activities dealt by our Bureau.