MIXITY guided tours for groups

  • Mix the City

  • Brussels is a cosmopolitan world city on a human scale.  It is a dazzling mix of city districts, urban cultures and communities who are working together to build the city’s future.  Your native Brussels guide will help you discover the dynamic diversity of the city with an original and enthusiastic approach.  We compile tailor made tours but we already propose you following route: we start near the North Station progressing towards the “Canal area” (Tour & Taxis, Maximillian Park, Belle Vue site…). Next we continue to the Dansaert quarter, finishing the tour at Saint-Géry.  We promote ourselves as being tours with a personal touch which means we have a maximum group size of 24.  Interested? Welcome to our website for further information and details
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  • Colourful Brussels

  • Since the beginning of the last century, Brussels has attracted wave upon wave of immigrants: Flemish, Walloons, French, Mediterraneans, North & Central Africans, Turks, Eurocrats, Slavs,... Each community settled, out of necessity or preference, in specific districts and gave them their flavour & colour. Our tour reveals the astonishing ethnic diversity of Brussels and will give you a feel for its contrasting atmospheres.

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  • MIXITY Gay Brussel

  • We invite you to meet this community that has left a strong mark on the city centre. Next we travel through Brussels, following the tracks left by various artists: Rimbaud and Verlaine, Marguerite Yourcenar, Béjart, Sappho and many others that we will reveal to you on the day. The visit is the perfect chance to ask all the questions you’ve been burning to know the answers to! It’s an ideal way to get you in the mood for the seasonal festivities!

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  • Brussel melting pot

  • Brussels may be the European capital, but it is also a veritable modern Babylon and champion of cultural diversity. Italian, Congolese, French, Portuguese, Ethiopian, Moroccan and many other cultures mingle and live cheek by jowl in the Belgian capital. The magnificent result is sometimes visible, but at other times has to be inhaled, observed and tasted with more subtlety and reflection. Our enthusiastic and fascinating guide will take you through the main neighbourhoods which make up this cultural "melting pot", such as Matongé, Flagey, Saint Josse and Molenbeek, and will share the history and impacts of this diversity.

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  • Grand ladies, queens, princesses, from elsewhere

  • Grand ladies, queens, princesses, from elsewhere, have marked the history of Belgium, a wonderful example of « MIXITY » We present you an itinerary in the heart of the Belgian capital that shows the impact of these marvellous ladies on our culture and history. Your Discover-B guide will tell you with a lot of passion the grand moments, the little stories and many anecdotes of the Infant Isabella, our queens Fabiola, Astrid, Elisabeth and the many Mary's whom have lived between our walls.

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  • Mix The Colours

  • The heart and soul of Brussels is not apparent on first sight. It is a city that must be discovered…. natives and visitors alike agree on this point. Therefore, let us take you under our wing to uncover very different and lesser known neighborhoods, each with their own identity ... and color. Through compelling stories, we will tie these neighborhoods together into a beautiful mix of colors. Our enthusiastic and friendly guides provide an experience not to be forgotten! Preview of the walk: We begin in the vicinity of the South Station, the start of many migrations, progress to the multicultural area of "Parvis Saint Gilles" (which also boasts wonderful architecture), continuing in the direction of Louiza area (as always chic) ​​with a stop in the Marolles (“the” working class neighbourhood), and onto Matongé (beautiful Africa in Brussels) to end in the "hip" Sablon area. We prefer personally to accompany small groups which means that the maximum size of the group is 24.  Enthusiastic?  Book your guide!

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  • From square to square, Châtelain to Flagey

  • This guided walking tour from Place du Châtelain to Place Flagey takes you through two very lively, cosmopolitan districts, each with their own special atmosphere. Their inhabitants say they never want to live anywhere else! Since the organic farmers’ market started at Place du Châtelain, both of these “villages” have witnessed the arrival of many shops, cafés and restaurants selling food from around the world.

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  • Is this Molenbeek?

  • The international media have been very interested in Molenbeek lately. At times they have managed to present this Brussels' municipality in a very oversimplified way: as a no­go area, a hideout for terrorists, a breeding­ground for Jihadists, a sanctuary for extremists... a small piece of Brussels that nobody can grasp, apparently. Every nuance is lost. Brukselbinnenstebuiten wants to put the debate back on track with an exploration of the areas between the Canal, the Ninoofsesteenweg and Boulevard Léopold II, adding a multi­coloured layer to the one­ sided view.

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  • Messing with the Marolles

  • From the 19th century, the Marolles was a neighbourhood where poverty ruled and social unrest prevailed. As an immediate result, the Rue Blaes and the fire station were constructed. In the longer term, programmes of social housing were implemented. That's why the Marolles offers an overview of all types of social housing from 1899 to present. Nowadays, the Sablon district is expanding into the Marolles and the neighbourhood is welcoming more and more middle class and wealthy people. This social mix is the basis for a very dynamic community, popular working­class and intellectual, that is open to urban renewal and offers facilities such as a youth counselling service and a sheltering for the homeless.

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  • MIXITY Architecture

  • Brussels, an open book on architecture
    The walking visit lets you revisit each of Brussels’ major architectural eras: the Middle Ages, Renaissance, baroque, classical, historicism, contemporary…. You will spot the countries that influenced these styles and will get the opportunity to gauge the importance of our local particularities. Whether it’s French, Italian-Spanish, Syrian-Babylonian, eclectic, Egyptian... Brussels is blessed with a rich and varied architecture!

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  • From Manhattan to Marrakech

  • Do you like contrasts?

    The North station stands in the middle of 2 worlds: leave it on one side and you end up in Manhattan with its wide avenues lined with tall skyscrapers, symbols of the wealth of the companies that erected them, evicting the not so well-off residents who used to live here. The ideal opportunity to evoke the kind of town planning prevailing in Brussels during the 60ies and 70ies as well as understanding the many contemporary sculptures dotting the landscape.

    Leave the station through the opposite side and you enter the colorful bazaars of Marrakech, mingle with the noisy crowds in exotic clothes. And a little bit further away you ll discover hidden gardens, surprising oasis of peace.

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