MIXITY Walls: 8 street art murals

MIXITY Walls: 8 street art murals

Brussels' walls are covered with street art and the colours of diversity thanks to the MIXITY Walls.

For MIXITY.brussels 2017, non-profit organisation Urbana Project has brought together the creativity of Belgian and international artists to decorate 8 walls in 8 emblematic Brussels communes.

A lovely opportunity to travel a route of diversity through the city.

  • 1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode

    Theme : Brussels "LGBT"
    Artist : Okuda (Spain)

    Famous for his geometric pieces and colourful prints, Okuda first strode along the railway lines of his native village before beginning his studies in the University of Madrid Fine Arts Department. In a universe that veers between pop and surrealism, his work emphasizes organic shapes filled with symbols and thought-provoking contradictions. Known both for his original style and his masterful technique, he conjures up headless animals and even unidentifiable bodies, which can be found in every corner of the world...

    Creation :  From Jun 3, 2017 to Jun 5, 2017
    Address : Place Saint-Lazare 1

  • 1160 Auderghem

    Theme : Brussels "Capital of Europe"
    Artist : Frau Isa (Austria)

    Frau Isa is a member of the Austro-German collective “The Weird”, famous around the world for her unique urban frescoes that combine graffiti and figures. She works in a universe filled with nostalgia and mysterious symbols. An illustrator from Vienna, she creates adorable fictional creatures and elegant female figures dressed in vintage clothes. With a highly stylised design, the artist uses combinations of subtle colours to create an atmosphere that is both gentle and full of contrast.

    Creation : From Jun 8, 2017 to Jun 12, 2017
    Address : Boulevard du Triomphe 77

  • 1030 Schaerbeek

    Theme : Brussels " Intergenerational city"
    Artist : Nean (Belgium)

    NEAN is a Belgian artist who grew up in Brussels. Self-taught, he started working on paper before turning to spray-painting. In 2014 he joined the Propaganza collective, made up of some 20 artists from Belgium, France, Spain and England. Influenced by traditional painting and digital art, his work hovers between an experimental style and photorealism. Curious about everything, he conducts tests on large media, alternating between digital painting, painting on walls and painting on canvas.

    Creation : From Jun 19, 2017 to Jun 24, 2017
    Address : Avenue Rogier 263

  • 1060 Saint-Gilles

    Theme : Brussels " Town of exchanges"
    Artist : Spear (Belgium)

    After studying at the Cambres School of Architecture, Spear has been constantly seeking to diversify his media and expressive techniques. Moving from oil painting to drawing with charcoal and even to ketchup spray, it was through his many voyages to South America that this Brussels artist refined his work. After this, he dedicated himself to portraiture. By playing with light, contrast and hues, he gives his faces the realism of a photograph.

    Creation : End of June 2017
    Address : Rue des étudiants 34

  • 1190 Forest

    Theme : Brussels " World-City"
    Artist : Samuel Idmtal (Belgium)

    After five years working as a journalist, Samuel Idmtal now shares his time between painting and teaching. Winner of the People’s Choice Award of the Parcours d’Artist of Saint-Gilles in 2014, he realises "la Machine à créer" with the non-profit organization "Les Pousseurs", and murals, performances, personal portraits and participatory canvases with the non-profit "Costik". " Stenciling techniques corresponds well to me because it offers me limits, a frame to respect, in which I am free to paint the unexpected." To bring forth these shapes from my imagination, forms that I see by closing my eyes and which sometimes reminds me of my childhood. The cutting process is, in my opinion, a way of giving importance to the details of things. Each layer painted offers its share of surprises when it is removed and the feeling procured is comparable to the one I had, when being small, I was going to develop my film at the photographer ... "

    Orlando Kintero (Columbia)

    Curves and light are elements that matter very much in Orlando’s work. This makes it possible to give on the one hand the ease and the dynamics to the forms but also to give depth and energy to the subjects worked.

    His work of personal introspection, his various multicultural collaborations and his constant discoveries of the invisible allow him to inspire his various activities. Orlando travels from universe to universe to show other visions of our so complex world.

    with the help of Julia Eva Perez

    Born in 1984 in Normandy, Julia Eva Perez studied illustration and comics at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. His technique is mixed: écoline, pencil, his preference goes more often towards the felts. She lives in Brussels and works as an illustrator.

    Creation : from 19/06/2017 to 07/07/2017
    Address : Rue Jean Baptiste Vanpé 74

  • 1070 Anderlecht

    Theme : Brussels "Open City"
    Artist : Seth (France)

    The globetrotting artist Julien Malland, better known by his pseudonym, Seth, began by painting on the walls of the 20th arrondissement in Paris in the mid-90s. He creates simple, often childlike figures that are connected in one way or another with the chaotic environments in which they are painted. A past master of drawing figures, it is his travels, above all, that inspire his work, which is marked by the contrasts to be found between tradition and modernity...

    Creation : July
    Address : Rue de Birmingham 355

  • 1000 Bruxelles

    Theme : Brussels "PRM"
    Artist : A squid called Sebastian (Belgium) - Instagram

    Sebastian was born in the United States, near Boston, and grew up in Belgium.
    As a child he could rarely be seen without a sketchbook and pencil. Throughout the course of his education he continued along the same lines, eventually specialising in creating comic strips. His love for comic strips features strongly in his work, but his restless spirit found greater satisfaction in painting murals. After deciding to pursue a career in this subject, the subject of art, he has painted in more than 10 countries and would like to paint on every continent before he dies. He finds his inspiration in everyday life and loves to construct compositions around human forms and anatomy.

    Creation : July/August
    Address : Rue Coppens 18/20

  • Eighth mural

    Theme : Brussels " Multilingual"

    More information coming soon

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