Neighbourhood walk: Bailli-Chatelain

Neighbourhood walk: Bailli-Chatelain Neighbourhood walk: Bailli-Chatelain

In this district you will find some of the absolute highlights of the Brussels Art Nouveau. The patrimony exudes style and grandeur. But that's not the only reason why Bailli-Chatelain is so popular with the expat community: it's relatively close to the European institutions, contains a lot of nice shops and eateries, and the green Bois de la Cambre is nearby. This forest, an offshoot of the Sonian Forest, played a major role in the small industry that developed there: joineries. Woodworking attracted the makers of carriages, and carriage building evolved into body work, which gave way to car sales.

    • Duration of walk: 2hrs 
    • Starting point: intersection of avenue Louise and rue du Bailli, trams 92/93 and 81 

    The map for this walk is available in French, Dutch and English. Enlarge the map to choose your language in the key. 

    In collaboration with Brukselbinnenstebuiten