Neighbourhoods walk: Jette

Neighbourhoods walk: Jette

Jette is completely urbanised, today. The commune attracts a young and diverse public looking for quality urbanity: pleasant living near schools, work and green spaces, in a well-equipped commune.

The ‘Molenbeek’ stream plays a major part in the geography and development of Jette. This stream played a key role in the development of the King Baudouin Park and the Youth Park, the green lungs of the commune. To the north of the brook, factors such as agriculture, quarries and later forestry were much more dominant than in the south. For centuries, the abbey of Dieleghem played not only a religious, but also an economic role.

    • Duration of walk: 2hrs. 
    • Starting point: Jette train station  

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    In collaboration with Brukselbinnenstebuiten