Neighbourhood walk: Old Molenbeek

Neighbourhood walk: Old Molenbeek

Molenbeek is steadily building for the future. The neighbourhood around the canal has become trendy, with cultural players settling in the neighbourhood.

But the local population must also be considered. Molenbeek was once a village in the countryside, which evolved into an industrial suburb, that in turn became the densely populated commune it is today. This commune has spent much effort to restore its urban balance as much as possible.

The stroill takes in former industrial buildings that hark back to the neighbourhood's past like La Foundrie, the MIMA, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Belvue Hotel. You'll also walk along rue Antoine Dansaert, which is home to countless delicious places to stop for a break like MOK coffee bar, the Walvis brasserie and the Midpoint neighbourhood cafe.

Discover everything there is to see on this walk on the map below.

    • Duration of walk: 2h30 
    • Starting point: Place du Nouveau Marché-aux-grains – metro Sainte-Catherine (lines 1 and 5) 

    This walk is available in FR-NL-EN. Tips : to choose the language, click on "view map legend" to select one of them.

    In collaboration with Brukselbinnenstebuiten