Neighbourhoods walk: Uccle

Neighbourhoods walk: Uccle

Uccle is known by many as a green, hilly commune with wealthy inhabitants, who are often of foreign origin and are among the richest in Brussels.

Uccle is one of the most contrasting communes of Brussels in terms of buildings, environment and population. You will find fully urbanised, bourgeois neighbourhoods in the north, commercial and social neighbourhoods in the west, residential parts in the east, large areas of open space, woods and nature in the south. In between are the historic centres of villages and hamlets, sometimes still recognisable as a separate 'village'. Uccle has both interesting historical buildings and great examples of modernist architecture.

    • Duration of walk: 2h30 
    • Starting point: ‘Héros’/‘Helden’ tram stop (lines 4 and 92) 

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    In collaboration with Brukselbinnenstebuiten