News and practical info

News and practical info

Coming to Brussels with your class? There’s so much to do and discover!

Thanks to the website and their handy filters, you can easily find the ideal excursion that perfectly combines core skills and terminal programs for skills acquisition.

It’s a useful source of inspiration where you can choose between different types of excursions and activities by selecting your education level and the themes that interest you.

Useful information

Who has a pedagogical offer?

Many of Brussels’ museums and institutions have offers specifically for schools. These activities are available every day of the week or depending on the establishment’s programme. These offers provide a fun way of accessing core skills and terminal programs for skills acquisition.

How do I book?

Bookings are made directly with the museums or institutions. Thanks to the booking link, you’re able to get in touch directly with the establishment concerned.

What language can my class do the activities in?

Thanks to the filters you can easily choose the language in which you would like to do the activity.

Certain activities can also be done as of language-learning level A1.

Each activity is also available in Dutch sign-language and French sign-language.

How many participants can take part?

The number of participants allowed depends on the activity, and is clearly mentioned each time.

For any other questions, you can contact the museum or institution directly.

I would like to cancel my visit; how can I do that?

Bookings are made directly with the museums or institutions, so the same goes for cancellations. You can easily find the contact details of each museum or institution on or

Where can our bus park?

You can find all the necessary information regarding bus parking on the website.

How can I get around Brussels with my class?

Metro, tram or bus? The STIB/MIVB offers transport passes specifically for school groups.

You can purchase them for €15 and they are valid for pupils and students of kindergarten to secondary school under the age of 18, travelling with one or two accompanying adults or young people under the age of 18 travelling as part of educational or leisure activities. The school group passes are valid for a group of up to 30 people, including maximum 2 accompanying adults.

The pass gives an unlimited number of trips on one day, from the first validation until the end of the day’s service.

This card is on sale at BOOTIK and KIOSK sale points. You need to acquire a MOBIB Basic Card (€5) to charge your school group pass.

How do I properly use the ‘school group’ travel pass?

To use the network you must validate your MOBIB Basic card with a valid school group pass every time that you board a tram or a bus and every time that you enter a metro station, even if you are transiting or changing line. You must validate it for every pupil, student and accompanying adult travelling in your group. When it comes to the gates at metro and pre-metro stations, each validation will open the sliding doors, both for entry and when you are transiting.

Where can we have our lunch?

Institutions that offer picnicking facilities mention it on their websites. The terms and conditions are also mentioned on their websites.

Where can we stay with our students?

Numerous hotels and youth hostels host school groups in Brussels.

Check the website for more information.

How can I share my comments?

We are always open to your feedback, comments or ideas. Just send us an email to