Feel like having a drink? Why not order a cocktail or two?

Feel like having a drink? Why not order a cocktail or two?

Fancy something different to drink? Now's the time to treat yourself and bring the atmosphere of some of the best mixologists in Brussels to your living room.

Cocktail culture has taken off in Brussels in recent years. Today, the capital has more than twenty bars dedicated exclusively to cocktails. The mixologists, true masters of the art, offer revisited classics, creations and secret signature mixes. Brussels even has its own Brussels Cocktail Week.

* Bars are currently closed to comply with sanitary measures. However, some have developed takeaway and/or delivery offers to add some colour and spice to your evenings.

  • ©Bar du Marché

    Bar du Marché – offers click & collect

    A household name in the Flagey district, which serves up delicious cocktails in a relaxed atmosphere. Their little added extra: several times a month, a varied musical programme adds some rhythm to the venue's atmosphere.

    Chemistry & botanicsoffers click & collect and delivery

    These professional mixologists mix the many cocktails on the menu - which changes with the seasons - just like chemists. Don't hesitate to ask for a tailor-made cocktail.

    ©by MurphyVM

    Edgar’s flavoroffers click & collect and delivery

    Edgar is a Frenchman who was named after Edgar Allan Poe. He is passionate about cocktails and especially those based on agave spirits (Tequila & Mezcal). In his bar you'll find some of his own creations, but also classics with a personal touch.

    ©Emma Mostaert

    Ethylo offers click & collect

    Ethylo is the brainchild of Romain Vervoort, a former Green Lab bartender. On the edge of Josaphat park, Romain transmits his passion with signature cocktails and great classics, made with a fine selection of spirits. Some of the creations are the result of genuine culinary efforts.   

    Life is beautiful – offers click & collect and delivery

    Life is Beautiful is the joint venture of two enthusiasts: Karoline Vlk and Harouna Saou. Harouna, who works behind the bar, offers a menu that is dotted with personal creations, but also contains great classics. The duo makes it a point of honour to work with products from artisanal distilleries and fresh ingredients. 

    The Modern Alchemist – offers click & collect and delivery

    The Modern Alchemist is the place to be for lovers of rum (more than 200 references available) and homemade seasonal cocktails.  Christopher Ducat, Benjamin Deniel and Sébastien Bourdain's, happy trio of barmen, earned their stripes in the best cocktail bars in the capital. It's no wonder that The Modern Alchemist has become a real household name.  

    ©The Modern Alchemist

    Jalousy Cocktail Bar – offers delivery

    Jalousy Cocktail Bar is the capital’s most exclusive cocktail bar and club. Indeed, there's no obvious entrance and a password is required to gain access. Once in, you enter the atmosphere of a hushed speakeasy. Alexis Mosselmans, head mixologist, recently developed the "Jalousy Cocktail Collection", a range of 100% natural and home-made cocktails, inspired by the establishment's best sellers. It took several months of collaboration with an artisanal distillery to reach this level of perfection. Discovered without delay!