Our selection of books about Brussels

Our selection of books about Brussels

Looking to expand your knowledge and understanding of Brussels? Our capital can also be discovered in books! Given its special status throughout history, the Belgian and European capital has been, and still is, the subject of numerous books that try to depict, explain and dissect it, to help you to understand it better!

Discover Brussels through the pages of this series of books which, each in their own way, contribute to a better understanding of how Brussels works!

You’ll find these books in Brussels’ bookshops or in its libraries (https://www.kbr.be/en/ and https://www.muntpunt.be/.

  • (c) Debby Hudson

  • Brussels – Claire Billen, Jean-Marie Duvosquel & Collective – part of the L’Esprit des Villes d’Europe collection – 2000

    A must for understanding all aspects of Brussels: its history, demography, geography, sociology, economy, etc. This publication tells how Brussels has been a seat of power since the 11th century, finally asserting itself as the capital of a new nation in the 19th century. The current urban landscape is, more than anywhere else, a reflection of the city's history and its activities.

  • Best of Brussels – Eric Danhier – 2020

    Brussels has many treasures, and this book has brought them together for your viewing pleasure. A veritable photo album of Brussels and its tourist attractions, this collection beautifully reveals the capital's most prestigious monuments. It features, among others, the historical centre, the Grand-Place, the European Quarter, the Art Nouveau houses, the green spaces and the capital of Europe's most important urban ensembles.

  • Brussels, Capital of Europe – Thierry Demey – 2007

    Everyone knows that Brussels is the capital of Europe. This book looks at the European Quarter at its urban birth, before it became a geopolitical centre. It attempts to explain why Brussels became the capital of Europe and how the European Quarter developed as a result. It is also an educational tool for those who work in or visit the district. It contains a directory listing the European organisations, diplomatic representations, trade associations and NGOs present in Brussels, as well as essential services in the district. In short, this is a must for anyone interested in the EU in Brussels!

  • Expo ’58 – Jonathan Coe (2013)

    It's 1958 and a London civil servant is offered a job at a major international event, the World's Fair, being held in Brussels that year. He is asked to supervise the construction of the British Pavilion and to run a pub that is supposed to embody the country's culture. His wife does not take kindly to his departure... The story alternates between a series of adventures the young man has in the Belgian capital and a correspondence he has with his beloved... The story, which is told as a spoof of a spy novel, is full of twists and turns, and the tension never lets up!

  • Brussels Beer City – Jonny Garrett – 2020

    Written by a leading English beer specialist, this book traces 200 years of beer and brewing in Brussels. It discusses the great brewing families, the context that led to Brussels becoming the world capital of beer and brewing, the transition from traditional beer brewing to the industrial era, etc. In short, it's a complete and fascinating overview of one of Brussels’ greatest assets!