Places to eat while listening to jazz in Brussels

Places to eat while listening to jazz in Brussels

What with clubs, cafés and restaurants, there’s something to suit every jazz taste in Brussels. Here are five addresses where you can enjoy a jazz concert and a bite to eat. 

  • 1. Sounds Jazz Club, the Brussels jazz house

    Sounds Jazz Club is a must for jazz fans in Brussels. Since 1986, it has welcomed renowned jazz artists in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Subdued lighting, red curtains, the air of American-style clubs… Here, we are not really in Brussels. We are in New York or Chicago. 

    Your meal takes you on a journey, too, with delicious Italian cuisine (their pasta dishes are really worth the trip) and cocktails that you sip as the music carries you away. Even Monday is party evening at Sounds: concerts are held here every day of the week. In short, this is THE Brussels jazz venue, definitely not to be missed if you are every inch the jazz lover. 

  • 2. Café Béguin – mixed jazz & exotic food 

    Right in the centre of Brussels, between place Sainte Catherine and De Brouckère, there is Café Béguin: fresh, exotic surroundings, perfect for brunch or an evening among friends. And if you want to listen to jazz in Brussels, this is the place to be: the Café holds concerts or jam sessions several times a week. You can spend a delightful evening here dancing to the rhythms of their Afrobeats or their Jazzy Jams. 

    The cuisine served is a blend of Africa and the Mediterranean. Caramelised chicken, tabbouleh, cassava fritters and more. You can also share ‘didons’ (tapas) to nibble: falafel, hummus, lentil salads, etc. In short, an eclectic and original menu to delight your taste buds as you listen to good music. What more could you ask for? 

  • 3. Café De Markten – intimate jazz

    Again next to place Sainte Catherine, Café De Markten will delight jazz lovers in Brussels. Every Thursday, the café showcases a different jazz artist in a warm, intimate atmosphere. Ideal for snuggling up and listening to music during the long winter evenings in Brussels. 

    Café De Markten also serves elegant, creative cuisine made up of healthy, tasty dishes. This is just the place for a large gathering of friends or colleagues. And when it’s freezing outside, you can warm up with their delicious home-made mulled wine. 

  • 4. Caveau du Max – jazz concerts & all-you-can-eat buffet

    Do you dream of going to a jazz concert in Brussels in a warm and friendly atmosphere? Then Caveau du Max in Schaerbeek is the place for you. Every month they hold a jazz concert with an all-you-can-eat buffet. A well-thought-out, high-quality bill in an intimate setting. Please note that you must book in advance: the concerts sell out fast… 

    What’s more, at Caveau du Max you can enjoy yourself without breaking the bank. Delicious tagliatelle, authentic Sardinian cold meats, pancetta, lasagne to die for and more. A real delight that is particularly appreciated by local people in this Brussels district. 

  • 5. Théâtre Marni – Brussels’ cultural rendezvous

    Théatre Marni is more than a theatre. It’s a place for meeting and exchanges. They arrange theatresports here, put on plays and organise jazz concerts. In particular, the Marni hosts one of the great jazz events, the ‘River Jazz Festival’, which is to take place from 9 to 25 January 2020. 

    To get the evening off to a great start, go to the Bistro du Marni, which works in partnership with local restaurants. Depending on the evening, you can enjoy a lasagne, Vietnamese specialities or little vegetarian dishes. Be sure to book if you want to eat before the concert.