8 alternative guided tours to discover Brussels

8 alternative guided tours to discover Brussels

Have you already seen the Grand-Place? And the Manneken-Pis? Then you need to move onto these alternative tours. Follow the guides and you’ll be amazed by a new kind of Brussels every time.

Please note that as a result of COVID-19, the offer of guided tours may have changed. We advise you to contact the organisation in question.

  • 1. Explore Brussels with a local

  • Brussels Greeters are passionate local volunteers who take you on a journey through the city for free. They are happy to share their favourite addresses, funniest anecdotes and personal tips. It's a truly unique way to discover Brussels!

  • 2.  Discover the 'Marolles', one of the oldest and most rebelious neighbourhoods in town

  • A walking tour that focuses, in a playful and funny way, on the many different social fights that took place in the Marolles; some long ago, some more recently. 

    Saturday 2 p.m.
    duration: 2H
    info & tickets: Brussels By Foot

  • 3. Ride off the beaten path

  • Ride off the beaten path with the passionate guides of Cactus and explore Brussels and its developments in a unique way. 

    Saturday 10 a.m.
    duration: 3,5H
    info & tickets: cactus.brussels

  • 4. Discover the city while jogging

  • Getting in shape while exploring the city... Sounds like a perfect combination, doesn’t it? Sight-jogging has been an up-and-coming phenomenon, but now that we’ve put on our running shoes ourselves, we can confirm it's really worthwhile! Book your  tour via Brussels Running Tours or City Runs and explore various neighborhoods with a personal guide that adapt to your rythm. 

  • 5. Climb into a Citroën 2CV

  • Do you have a soft spot for old timers? Then climb into a Citroën 2CV convertible and let yourself be driven around the city by an experienced driver who will introduce you to the secrets of Brussels in your language. Hit the road with Brussels on Wheels!

  • 6. Brussels Beer Bus

  • Taste some of the best Belgian beers, while driving around with a local local guide in a vintage WWII ambulance. Sounds like an unforgettable experience? It certainly is! 

    Info & tickets: Brussels Beer Bus 

  • 7. Brussels, and its celebrities

  • Stromae, Audrey Hepburn, Jacques Brel... Meet outstanding ‘Brusseleirs’ without whom nothing would be quite the same! 

    Info & tickets: Brussels by foot (Celebrity Brussels)

  • 8. Brussels Eco Tours 

  • Want to live more stustainably but don't know how to get started? These two eco-tours will take you straight to the most eco-friendly spots in the city. Be inspired! During the 'Eco Lifestyle Tour' from Mixua you will discover the newest zero-waste shops, plant based coffe bars, fair fashion boutiques, natural personal care vendors and workshops.  
    While the Mixua-tour mainly takes place in the city centre and southern municipalities such as Saint-Gilles and Ixelles, the walking tour of Sustainable Brussels (currently unavailable) will take you to citizens initiatives & start-ups in the lesser-known North District.