Springtime adventures with your kids

Springtime adventures with your kids

The first rays of sunshine signal the start of spring, to the great delight of children all over the city. The capital of Europe offers a mountain of things to do and experience outdoors, whether you’re on your own or with your family!

Street theatre and events, attractions, festivals, ‘kid friendly’ museums in case the sun has second thoughts… you and your little monsters are spoilt for choice! Princesses and puppets, dinosaurs and (super)flies, trains and comic books… every day is a treat for children in Brussels.

  • The sun’s out? Then set a course for Brussels, full steam ahead!

  • Go on a bewitching medieval adventure at Sortilège. Let yourself fall under the charm of Hopla, the street festival that builds bridges between the circus and Brussels.
    Chitchat at Bronks XL Festival, the Dutch-speaking youth theatre that speaks every language.
    Be a part of the Fête de l’Iris, the festival that celebrates the Brussels-Capital Region and brings all the city’s inhabitants and visitors together to celebrate Brussels.
    Go back in time and follow in the footsteps of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V Quint as you explore Coudenberg palace during their Family Day. Follow the SupervliegSuperMouche festival for an unforgettable experience in Forest park, which is pleasantly invaded by Belgian and international artists for theatrical pieces, music, shows, etc. it will leave you wanting more! Put your feet up at Plazey: the urban festival best enjoyed sitting on the grass and discovering the city’s treasures… and why not pay a visit to Guignolet and his puppet friends in Brussels park? They can’t wait to tell visitors of all ages all about their crazy adventures... That feel-good feeling is here to stay in Brussels this spring!

  • Is it grey outside? Brussels has more surprises up its sleeves!

  • Tour Europe in the blink of an eye at Mini-Europe. Give yourself the chills at the Poison exhibition and see how you measure up to the dinosaurs of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences. Discover surrealism and meet talking hats at the Magritte Museum. Learn everything there is to know about Belgium and Brussels at the BELvue Museum and experience.brussels! Take a detour for some fun discoveries at the Children’s Museum. Dive into Brussels’ bowels at the city’s Sewers museum, relive the golden age of the railways through life-size examples in an old station at Train World and meet all your favourite comic book characters at the Belgian Comic Strip Centre…