Street Art in Brussels : artworks

Street art transforms Brussels into a gallery and open air museum. Using a wide range of techniques at their disposal, artists reflect on a capital city in constant movement. Whether commissioned or spontaneous, monumental or more discreet, the artworks cover building walls, benches, lamp posts, shop fronts and facades, using the city itself as an exhibition space.

You will find out more about the artists here. Follow this advice from non-profit organisation Urbana and you’ll be sure to see all the best examples of street art in Brussels:

  • Facade HMI - Manneken Peace

    This fresco was painted by artist HMI. He is a member of the Brussels CNN group, a famous group of Belgian hip-hop artists for the last thirty years.

    Rue du Chêne - Impasse du Val des Roses / Eikstraat - Rozendaal, 1000 BRU  

  • Indexpouce - Le Mange Tout (Het peultje)

    The wall was created to start up a collective vegetable garden in the Marolles neighbourhood.

    Rue des Minimes 71 Miniemenstraat,  1000 BRU   

  • Fresco by Joel Artista

    More than 150 people picked up their brushes to assist in the project of this world-famous nomadic artist.

    Avenue Fonsny Fonsnylaan, 1000 BRU - (Gare du Midi/ Zuidstation)

  • Fresque Kosmopolite Art Tour

    In 2009, Parisian festival Kosmopolite evolved and extended beyond its borders. This is how the MACrew (Paris), Aerosol Bridge Club (Amsterdam) and Farm Prod (Brussels) came together to create the Kosmopolite Art Tour in several international capitals.

    Quai des Péniches - Akenkaai, 1000 BRU 

  • Rue de Namur Facades

    These pieces were painted by several artists: Spear, Eyes-B, Parole, Koolkoor, Van Tang and Steve Locatelli. The Propaganza artistic collective provided project coordination.

    Rue de Namur, Naamsestraat, 1000 BRU 

  • Maternity by Polish artist Sainer, from Etam Cru

    A 400 m² fresco showing 3 figures, including a mother and child. The fresco was painted over the course of about ten days, with the use of around 150 litres of paint, under the artistic direction of the non-profit organisation “Une ville en couleur” (“A city in colour”).

    Bd Simon Bolivar, Simon Bolivarlaan, 1000 BRU

  • De Wand tram stop (Tram 3-7-19)

    The largest fresco in Brussels has decorated De Wand station in Laeken since August 2007. A stone’s throw from the Atomium, De Wand station constitutes a symbolic place of passage between the centre of Brussels and its outlying areas. The work, created by 30 urban artists, adds some colour and warmth to this previously unwelcoming place.

  • Studio Entropica

    Studio Entropica, with the help of #sprouttobeBrussels, offers us their vision of Brussels and its symbols with a touch of typical Belgian self-deprecation.

    Boulevard Louis Schmidt 29 Louis Schmidtlaan, 1040 BRU (Pétillon)

  • The Giants of Anderlecht

    As part of the Anderlecht artists’ trail entitled “Itinérart 2016”, Urbana has invited more than 15 artists to come and paint the pillars of the Hall of Fame of Neerpede. Illustrators, mural painters or even calligraphists have worked around the theme of “The Giants of Anderlecht” who are perfectly suited to the vertical format imposed by the height of the gigantic pillars.

    Avenue Marius Renard / Marius Renardlaan, 1070 BRU - Tram 81, halte Marius Renard         

  • SozyOne – Poincaré Facade

    Artist Sozyone created the abstract and colourful forms which form this gigantic face.

    Boulevard Poincaré 36 Poincarélaan, 1070 BRU

  • Indexpouce / Give Box

    This wall illustrates the “Give Box” of Forest, where people can leave things they no longer need but which other people may find useful.

    Rue des alliés 281 Bondgenotenstraat, 1190 BRU

  • Obêtre Installation

    This installation by artist Obêtre on the boarding between the WIELS and the BRASS was created entirely using wood collected from neighbours.

    Avenue Van Volxem 354 Van Volxemlaan, 1190 BRU

  • Samuel Idmtal & Orlando Kintero

    Artists Samuel Idmtal and Orlando Kintero have received the help of local children and residents to create three frescoes for the Marconi park restaurant.

    Parc Marconi - Marconi Park, 1190 BRU

  • “Costik” facade

    What’s special about these frescoes is that they integrate components in 3D, largely made up of recovered objects (plastic bottles, CDs, VHS, etc.), which form part of the design and are then as part of a unique work.

    Rue Heyvaert 122 Heyvaertstraat, 1080 BRU

  • “Interface” Project

    In response to a call from the URBANA crew, forty Belgian artists wishing to promote national artistic diversity created a homogeneous work representing the population and cultural diversity of our society. A subtle perspective creates a horizon, that of the future.

    Rue Ravenstein Ravensteinstraat, 1000 BRU 

  • Le M.U.R.: Modular, Urban and Reactive

    The idea is to transform an advertising hoarding into a kind of open-air museum. Contemporary artists place original and ephemeral creations on this 3 by 9 metre space. The objective is to shatter symbolic barriers separating the public from art and to offer a non-commercial space to exhibit where the walls are mainly used for advertising.

    Rue Marché aux Poulets 1 Kiekenmarkt, 1000 BRU -

  • Mixity Wall

    From June through August, eight murals on the theme of diversity will appear on walls in eight Brussels communities. The non-profit organisation Urbana Project is putting the creativity of Belgian and international artists to work on behalf of the Region in order to brighten up the walls of selected neighbourhoods.

  • Street art urban trails

    Below you will find a map indicating all the major street art works and artists in Brussels.