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The Business and MICE tourism sector is extremely dynamic in Brussels and has some incredible talents. Discover their stories...



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  • Sabine Henry, President of the Ligue Alzheimer, present us Brussels and their next congress in 2021...



  • “Brussels is an optimal city for holding international conferences and summits. It is easily accessible from all continents. Events facilities, hotels, food, and hospitality are attractive for international travelers on business trips.

    We have always been congratulated for all events organised in Brussels with the excellent cooperation of the convention bureau.

    Françoise Meunier, Doctor of Medicine from the University Libre de Bruxelles, holds a Master’s Degree in Medical Oncology, in Internal Medicine and a PhD.  She was Head of the Infectious Diseases Department at Jules Bordet Institute, Brussels  before joining EORTC (European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer) in 1991. Françoise Meunier served as EORTC Director General from 1991-2015. She remains active as EORTC Director Special Projects and she is a driving force behind activities such as EORTC Cancer Survivorship initiatives”.


  • “The Breast International Group (BIG) and its IMPAKT Conference are about bringing people from many cultures together to push the boundaries of breast cancer research, and believing that much more can be achieved together than alone.

    With its 180 different nationalities, Brussels embodies the multicultural diversity and richness of the world, despite the challenges that this brings. What is unique is that Brussels remains down-to-earth, friendly and accessible, offering something for everyone: centuries of European history reflected in its architecture and diverse museums; epicurean pleasures ranging from moules-frites and Belgian beer to divine chocolates and haute cuisine; a rich contemporary musical heritage; and humor mixing playfulness with satire and surrealism, from Tintin to Magritte.

    Supported by a professional conference and multilingual hospitality infrastructure, Brussels is a charming and creative partner that will guarantee success for all kinds of meetings and social events.”

    Dr Martine Piccart, Belgian professor of oncology - Doctor of Medicine at the ULB (Free University of Brussels) - Associate Professor of Oncology at the ULB, Head of the Department of Medicine1 at Institut Jules Bordet, founder and President of BIG (Breast International Group) and TRANSBIG (Consortium of Translational research BIG) (medical associations in the context of the fight against breast cancer).


  • Véronique de Vlaeminck & Jean-Louis Vincent present us the International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (ISICEM)...


  • After graduating as an electrical engineer, doctor of medical sciences, and bachelor of business management, Laurent Hermoye founded Imagilys. Through collaborations with research teams at Harvard University, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and Liege University's Coma Science group, he endeavors to bring the most advanced brain imaging techniques from bench to bedside.

    His efforts have resulted in multiple publications in medical journals and at international conferences, but also in a neuroimaging software, BrainMagix, which has been used on thousands of patients. Having served as a university professor for 10 years, he is now the organizer of Imagilys’ Advanced Clinical Neuroimaging Course, teaching advanced neuroimaging techniques to doctors from all around the world.

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  • The organisation and management of the French-speaking nutrition congress held in December 2014 in The Square was a challenge transformed into a genuine pleasure and achievement. Getting 2,300 attendees happy and pleased to stay in hotels located at walking distance from the congress centre, the Grand Place, the beautiful museums and the warm and friendly bars and restaurants gave a very rewarding feeling.

    Remarkably, several attendees came back to Brussels after the congress to discover more aspects of the city, as a result of their feeling of well-being and the ease with which they could reach Brussels by train or by plane. Brussels is definitely an open and multicultural city, dedicated and sized to welcome international events and to provide happiness and pleasure to its visitors"

    Professor Jean-Charles Preiser, President of the Local Organising Committee of the JFN 2014 - Francophone Nutrition Days 2014 - Vice President of Erasmus Intensive Care.


  • Professor Michaël Bruneau, Clinic Director Neurosurgery Department Erasme Hospital, present us Brussels and EANS 2018...


  • Lisa Milburn, managing director of Labels Group (Tarsus Group), present us Brussels and Labelexpo Europe...


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