Breath in the city's many perfumes this summer in Brussels

Breath in the city's many perfumes this summer in Brussels

This summer, let your nose be guided by the many perfumes of the capital. Breath in the intoxicating scents of the begonias at the flower carpet. Smell the aromas of the market stalls and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of each neighbourhood.

Let yourself be guided by the smell of freshly-cut grass in the city's parks or at Bruxelles Champêtre, and discover another of Brussels' amazing scents as you dive into... its sewers!

Taking a deep breath and relaxing, is what summer is all about. 

  • The Flower Carpet on Grand-Place - 16 > 19/08/2018 

    This summer, the flower carpet will once again take over the already enchanting Grand-Place. In mid-August, more than 500,000 begonias will cover the historical cobbles and form another piece of scented art.
    A fragrant spectacle, with a sound and light show in the evenings, and a visit to the Town Hall's balcony for a panoramic view of this masterpiece that's unique in the world. 

  • Bruxelles Champêtre - la nature s'invite en ville ! - 16/09/2018 

    On 16 September 2018, Bruxelles Champêtre comes to Brussels Park, with it's lawn on the place des Palais, its farm animals and its nature activities to raise awareness of the importance of the environment. For the occasion, the capital frees itself from road traffic for the famous car-free Sunday. It's the perfect chance to rediscover the city by bike, on roller blades or on horseback... or even on foot of course!

  • Markets, antiques, and the pleasures of vintage perfume 

    From dawn, the tangy notes of Brussels' market stalls drift through the streets. Put on your nicest espadrilles and head down to the Chatelain, Midi and Boitsfort markets... no need to fly south this summer, Brussels has everything you need. It's also the perfect opportunity to set off on a treasure hunt through the Marolles neighbourhood's vintage boutiques and antiques dealers.

  • A breath of fresh air in Brussels' parks... or a dive into its sewers

    At lunchtime, why not have a picninc in the shade of a chestnut tree? Did you know that Brussels is the ;greenest capital city in Europe? Its parks are peaceful havens in the middle of the busy city. The more courageous among you will brave a visit to the Brussels Sewers. It's an amazing visit that will undoubtedly be a test for your sense of smell!  

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