Sunday in the Marolles neighbourhood

Sunday in the Marolles neighbourhood

In the popular neighbourhood of the Marolles, Sunday is a day to browse, eat, stroll, wander and soak up the typically Brussels atmosphere of the capital.

From Chapel Church to the Palace of Justice, the Marolles neighbourhood is the most authentic in Brussels. Between the flea market, antique shops, street art, local bars and the panoramic view of the city, your Sunday in the Marolles will give you the most local experience. 

  • 9:00 - The antiques quarter  

    Every day from 7:00 to 14:00 (and on weekends until 15:00), Place du Jeu de Balle is bursting with colour and objects to browse through. Go through Rue Haute, then Rue Blaes, to admire the windows of vintage stores, then enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere of this flea market. The locals gather for their morning coffee - or aperitif - in one of the many bars that surround the square.

    12:00 – A stop for chips

    It's lunchtime, so head over to Chapel Church. On the square, a discreet fritkot awaits you. Held by a friendly couple, you can enjoy a delicious portion of crispy Belgian chips. To really savour the moment, make your way to one of the benches on Place de la Chapelle, or climb up to Place du Sablon, a 2-minute walk away.

    13:00 - Square des Ursulines

    An unmissable spot in the Marolles neighbourhood, and of Brussels' urban culture, is the Place des Ursulines. It's home to both experienced and beginner skateboarders. Feel free to savour your portion of chips as you watch them. You will be amazed by their tricks... and the painted murals that decorate this skate park.

    15:00 – A street art trail

    Wander through the streets of the Marolles neighbourhood in search of street art works. You'll find them everywhere. By 15:00, you'll probably have already seen the work of Denis Meyers and Arnaud Kool, on Rue Haute, at the entrance to the CHU Saint-Pierre. You’ll find at least four more on Rue Blaes.

    17:00 – A drink at La Clef D’or

    Back at Place du Jeu de Balle, have a seat on the terrace of La Clef d'Or. This typical Brussels café is the ideal place for an aperitif. Let yourself be tempted by its wide range of homemade beers and aperitifs.

    18:30 – It’s dinner time

    To enjoy a magnificent view of the sunset, head to Restobières for a spot of dinner. An unusual setting, Brussels specialities cooked with beer, a wide choice of beers, this restaurant plunges you into the world of Brussels folklore. It is also a great place to test the famous shrimp croquettes.

    21:30 - Panoramic view with sunset

    After you've polished off your dinner, it's time to take in the sunset. Take the lift from the Marolles up to the upper part of the city and Place Poelaert. Sit on one of the benches and enjoy a magnificent sunset with a breathtaking view of Brussels between 21:30 and 22:00.

    22:00 – One last drink... don’t mind if I do! 

    After having watched the sunset, and to round off the evening well, there’s only one thing to do: enjoy one last beer at Pin Pon. This bar offers a variety of traditional beers and lovely wines in a relaxed atmosphere. To get there, simply take the elevator back down to the Marolles and head to Place du Jeu de Balle.