Here we will share a variety of actions and ideas and walk you through how you can enhance your sustainable reach!

Events take a heavy toll on our environment and society. They can generate significant waste, put a strain on local resources like water or energy. That’s why, for the 2019’s edition of European Association Summit we decided to highlight different means to achieve a sustainable event.

During the two days of the summit, we will have a sustainability approach though the whole event organisation. Thanks to our PCO - MCI - we operate for this EAS edition with sustainability in mind, working with suppliers to minimise the environmental impact of the activities.

While green meeting practice requires some logistical efforts, we want to show you that it is possible to put in place different processes to reach sustainability goals. By better understanding the definition of green meetings, we are confident that every little step for an organisation will be a giant leap for the mankind.

Here we will share a variety of actions and ideas and walk you through how you can enhance your sustainable reach. Implementing smart, sustainable practices can help to minimise cost, conserve energy and reduce waste.

Above all, we want to propose an innovative event experience while engaging you in this green mission, dear attendees!

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  • is taking climate change very seriously and commits to organize the EAS in the most possible sustainable way (discover the Policy and the KPIs). We pledge to offset the carbon emissions linked to the event and we would like to ask you to contribute as well.

    With the money raised, we will make a donation to the organization Sun for Schools.

  • Sun for Schools is a green solution that assists schools with the installation, maintenance and 100% financing for their green energy production.
    Additionally, they engage the community and increase awareness among the future generations about the environmental challenges.

    The three main goals are to reduce the school’s environmental impact, save money on their electricity bills starting year one and mobilize and inspire the next generation on new ways to live sustainably. More info


  • The Martin's Hotels sustainable development project

    The will of Martin's Hotels is to grow by acting for future generations, while caring for its customers, ensuring the well-being of its staff members, supporting humanitarian and social causes, and preserving the real estate heritage and the environment. Discover their actions in the brochure and on the website Tomorrow Needs Today.