Sustainable activities

  • Greeters

  • To add to a note of authenticity to a stay in Brussels, why not experience a different kind of tourism, by using the services of "Greeters". These volunteers, Brussels-born or adopted residents will guide you solo, as a family or group, on a tailor-made voyage of discovery. Depending on your tastes and interests, they will reveal little-known neighbourhoods, the local sights, their favourite restaurants and their shopping tips. These special moments of meeting people and exchanging ideas leave indelible memories and the feelings that you know more than everyone else about a city full of charm.

  • A guided tour by bike, with a Pro Velo specialist

  • To discover the cultural heritage of Brussels, the bike tours arranged by the association Pro Velo are ideal. There is an extensive choice of theme tours, there are dozens about lifestyle, heritage, green open spaces, history, neighbourhoods...

  • Segway, the scooter of the future!

  • The Segway is an electrical two-wheeler that you ride upright, inclining your body to the direction in which you want to go. The machine takes care of maintaining your balance by detecting the way that you´re leaning. In other words, to go forward or backward, you just have to lean forward or backward. Hold yourself straight up and the machine will stop. The Segway requires little effort, and after a lightning-fast initiation, it becomes the ideal machine for visiting Brussels. So come discover or rediscover - in another manner - the centre of the Capital city, it's most exquisite and unexpected places, which are not always the best known.

  • Sightjogging

  • Is it possible to merge tourism, sport activities and nature, here in Brussels? Totally! This concept does perform already. The Sightjogging NPO mixes history, town culture and experienced jogging coach.

  • Cactus & co 

  • In small groups and in a quiet atmosphere, unusual cycle trips to discover Brussels in a different way...

  • Art nouveau Tour

  • This tour proves that Brussels certainly deserves its soubriquet of "Capital of Art Nouveau"! From the 'manifesto' houses by Victor Hor ta and Paul Hankar, the two leading Art nouveau architects in Brussels, to the charming houses by Ernest Blérot, Paul Saintenoy and the Delune brothers, this tour shows participants how the style developed and flowered in the Ixelles Ponds district, either side of the Avenue Louise, and in Saint-Gilles. An unusual way to travel around the city, profiting from the excellent visibility and the overall fun of cycling!

  • The Rally Metro 

  • Whether it be raining, windy or snowing, the teams will set off to find out about the artistic and architectural treasures in the warmth of hidden corners of Brussels' metro stations. Each team is given a plan of the network, tickets and personalized questionnaires and is then plunged into the heart of this virtual "living museum" for a thrilling race against the clock in a unique setting. But be careful! Time is short, and the teams will have to organize themselves if they are to achieve their objectives. Should they let a metro go past so that they can answer all the questions, but incur a time penalty, or should they sacrifice a few answers and stay on time? An unusual concept that will engage, stimulate and empower each participant and which stresses the importance of team work to succeed

  • Introduction to Eco-driving aboard a 2cv

  • In their every day committement to get involved in sustainable development, The Good Time Company decided to develop an introductory course to eco-driving. While focusing on teambuilding and fun aboard the mythical 2cv, it will conduct to brief your teams on the carbon impact of transportation, to help the participants to reduce their carbon footprint on environment, by teaching them simple tips&tricks to be used daily and to meet the strategic corporate needs in the area of sustainable development.

  • The Brussels Urban Transport Museum

  • This museum, labeled "Enterprise éco-dynamique", offers a unique collection of trams, buses, trolley buses and taxis that have ferried the people of Brussels around for nearly 150 years. The oldest models date actually back to 1869! In addition to the visit of its 1500 m² of exhibition space devoted to old-timers, it is possible to continue with a nostalgic tram ride on a historic tram to the historical Forest of Soignes or the Arch of the Cinquantenaire Park. There is also the possibility of arranging guided tours on request, rent a 1930s tramcar, including outside museum opening hours. Ideal for adding an original touch to an incentive trip with a "tram-bar", a "tram-drink" or "tram-cocktail" with drinks and snacks on board.

  • The Port of Brussels

  • The Port of Brussels is the second largest inland port in Belgium. It is a sea port that can accommodate vessels up to 4,500 tons. Guided cruises are arranged regularly in the Port of Brussels, in the city or towards Hainaut province by Brussels by Water or La Fonderie. The port of Brussels plays a key role for sustainable development, combining as it does on a daily basis the three pillars of such development in environmental, economic and social terms.

  • Apis Bruoc Sella asbl, Brussels honey

  • The association's main aim is to encourage the development of the Nature centre into the concept of 'Sustainable City' and 'Sustainable development'. It also promotes the development of a beekeeping policy integrated into the city.  

  • The Magic Spell

  • Great Adventure Game, the Magic Spell takes place in a natural environment, in the magnificent and unspoiled country side of Brussels. In teams, with friends or with colleagues, you will immerse during at least three hours in a fantastic medieval universe and experience extraordinary vibrations. Do you dare facing the funny and amusing challenges you will be confronted with by our performers? Humor, team work and action in the open air are the ingredients for the success of the Magic Spell. Come and enjoy together the emotion of the Magic Spell!

  • @dmire the green side of Brussels

  • A real sustainable development experience in the natural environment of Brussels! The participants will not only enjoy taking part in this event, which is all the rage right now, but will also become aware of their own ecological footprint while, at the same time, benefiting from a unique teambuilding experience. As they take on 6 fun challenges such as blind tasting, sorting, cycling and, at the same time, they will come to admire the green lung of Brussels in an experimental and enjoyable way!

  • Brussels by water/Rivertours

  • Change course and organise your teambuilding or staff party on board a boat in the centre of the capital. Sail with us and enjoy the surprising scenery of our waterways, an excellent meal and, and why not, some entertainment on board (e.g. a live band, a stand-up comedian, a casino, etc.). You can also combine your boat trip with an interesting "shore excursion", along the waterway (Tour & Taxis, Atomium, the Cantillon brewery, the new water treatment plant North, the Sewer museum of Brussels, etc.) or with a city tour, an exhibition or any other activity in Brussels. In short, we will offer you a tailormade day or evening programme...and you will offer your guests an experience that will "rock their boat".

  • Brussels eco-logical

  • A programme where the participants will (re)learn the simple gestures of the everyday ecology thanks to the " Rainbow Warriors " team. This activity will be animated by a very friendly group of active Greens. They will challenge you to " change the world ", nothing less than that... Will you be up to the challenge? How to recycle in an effective way? What are the simple ecological gestures? Create an ecological action never seen in Brussels... and much more!

  • Nemo33

  • Can you imagine being as "free as a bird" or "flying" underwater"? This is how people who have dared to try breathing underwater for the first time have expressed their feelings. Underwater diving is now available to everyone. "Not for me, I'm claustrophobic" we hear many times. Nemo33 has been designed to overcome this common fear. The water is warm (33°C) and clear. At the start point, you can touch the bottom. After a few moments, your only wish is to stay underwater. Would you like to bet on this? We provide an instructor for each pair of divers, and for an hour you will discover the marvels of underwater diving until 33 meters deep. It will be an unforgettable experience for you that you will undoubtedly want to share with all your colleagues. You can prolong the dream in the Thai restaurant with its underwater porthole windows with views of the pool. A new "must" for you and your friends!

  • The nordic quest/The green quest

  • You will discover a new soft sport in the marvelous Forest of Soignes, the green lung of Brussels, using your observation abilities, map reading and the wellness counseling of the Yogi of the Forest who will give you advice and introduce you to the practice of yoga, a beautiful stress management tool. Do you prefer to walk without sticks? We advise you to choose 'The Green Quest', a wellness card reading game aiming at giving you a new look on environment issues. Orientation walk, green clues search, ecology and wellness activity in the woods. An " eco-just-as-it-has-to-be " team-building activity.

  • Tan

  • TAN is a place dedicated to introducing people to a cuisine that's not only original and full of flavour but also kind to nature and to human physiology. This leads to an approach that considers every aspect of food and nutrition (pleasure, need, health, ecology, ethics, science...). Any combination of 'à la carte' packages is possible: conferences, coaching, training or introductory sessions, team-building exercises, delivery of healthy meals (breakfasts, lunches), group cooking following age-old recipes (e.g. Essene bread, lacto-fermentation) and with living produce (sprouted seeds, young shoots, extracted vegetable juices, etc.), and live "performances" by a cook preparing different recipes. These packages can be carefully prepared in collaboration with the company, including numerous variables such as the place, duration, level of detail, incorporation into another incentive, event or working day organised by the company, etc.

  • Laurent Gerbaud- chocolate maker

  • An introduction to chocolate and a chance to try different cocoa vintages and learn about the variety of the origins of cocoa and the leading Gerbaud chocolates. This is a workshop for making truffles, which the participants can fill by hand with a confectioner's piping bag and take away with them. The truffles are filled on site: dark truffles, coffee milk chocolate truffles, truffles with 'speculoos' (spicy biscuits) from Dandoy. The workshop is followed by a truffle tasting session with mulled wine made on the premises. Another option for the participants is to make mini-'mendiants' (mix of almonds, raisins, hazelnuts and figs). They can choose which fruit they'll put on the chocolates. This activity may be followed by a standing buffet on the theme of the ingredients used in Laurent Gerbaud chocolates and the best wines to go with them.

  • Les Filles Plaisirs culinaire 

  • Les filles offer a wide range of possibilities and options for catering your dinner with only seasonal, organic or local ingredients naturally grown and harvested.

  • Innovative cuisine

  • A style of cuisine focusing on Mediterranean and Asian flavours, which adheres to the principles of sustainable food. Malika Hamza, manager of Innovative Cuisine and cookery teacher, chairs the Brussels Slow Food convivium. The catering prioritises seasonal, mainly local produce, AOCs (labels of origin) and organically grown or Fair Trade produce. You'll be invited to prepare dishes under the guidance of a chef: a starter, a main course and a dessert. Vegetarian and/or vegan variations can be requested. The emphasis is placed on practical cooking experience, understanding the produce, new combinations, hints and tips, techniques from here and elsewhere, and relaxation. In this way, simple, elegant, creative and tasty recipes will be prepared during the workshop.

  • The Cantillon Brewery (The Brussels Gueuze Museum)

  • Visiting Cantillon is the best way to find out about that Belgian institution, beer, and one of the jewels in the brewing industry. This is one of the most authentic breweries in Brussels. For more than a century, the Cantillon family has been brewing Lambic, Gueuze, Faro and Kriek according to the principles of a thousand-year-old tradition and a process of spontaneous fermentation. The brewery is open to visitors, giving people the opportunity to see that nothing has changed since 1900. The machinery, tools, vats and barrels are period pieces. Uncompromising when it comes to quality, keen to promote a gourmet beer with authentic flavours, the Brewery has chosen to adhere to its highly selective philosophy down to the last detail including the choice of production processes and raw materials. Since 1999, all the beers have been produced using organically-grown grains, which enables it to offer beverages bearing the "biogarantie" (guaranteed organic) seal of approval.

  • Mixua Eco Lifestyle Tour

    Do you also believe in a lifestyle that embraces fun, comfort and respect for nature? Mixua loves to help you find this lifestyle through the Eco Lifestyle Tours and Eco Office Tours. Discover with a personal guide the newest zero-waste shops, plant-based coffee bars, fair fashion, natural personal care and ateliers. Meet also the entrepreneurs behind. Be inspired!

  • Sustainable Brussels Walking Tour

    Join us for a walk through Brussels’ lesser known North District, Molenbeek, and Canal District. We’ll show you citizens initiatives and start-ups that are making the city greener, cleaner, and more sustainable. The main theme of our tours: how people are working together to overcome the barriers for an eco-friendly lifestyle in an urban environment.


  • Korei Smart City Tours

    Today, smart-city systems can be found everywhere in Brussels. To demonstrate this, non-profit organisation Korei organises a smart-city tour in the Maritime District – the former Port of Brussels – of the Brussels Region. An opportunity to find out about real-life innovations that affect the ways we communicate, reside, work and live in a smart city.