Takeaway in Brussels: ten original initiatives you should definitely try

Takeaway in Brussels: ten original initiatives you should definitely try

Do you know all your cookery books’ recipes by heart and do your days all taste the same? Get out of the rut with a spicy or quirky takeaway!

We already mentioned several culinary platforms that allow you to bring the best of Brussels' gastronomy into your home. Are you finding it hard to choose from this massive selection? Don't panic! We've compiled a list of ten of the best takeaways.

  • (c) Clem Onojeghuo


    Kitchen 151

    Head to Kitchen 151 for finger-licking Middle Eastern fusion cuisine. Simona El-Harar is your hostess. Sales of her cookbook, A la table de Simona, which contains over 80 recipes, are booming. But there’s more. This restaurant possibly deserves an award for the most original takeaway initiative. Your meal comes with a Spotify playlist to help you immerse yourself in the culture on your plate. Want to travel to faraway places during the lockdown? You can, thanks to this fantastic culinary experience!


    On Fridays and Saturdays, Barge takes you on a journey. This charming restaurant between the canal and the Sainte-Catherine district takes a different European wine region as its starting point for the menu each week. For €35 per person, you can taste five surprising and healthy dishes. For the wine that goes with it perfectly, you pay an additional €15 to €25. Please place your order before Wednesday as stock is limited.


    Chez Alfred

    What do the restaurants Au Vieux Saint-Martin on the Sablon, Au Grand Forestier in Watermael-Boitsfort and Au Savoy on the Place Brugmann have in common? Chez Alfred! This 'restaurant@home' platform was launched by the Niels family, a household name amongst restaurant owners in Brussels. You can order ready-made meals that you can heat up whenever you like. The menu offers traditional Belgian dishes such as vol-au-vent and filet américain. A great initiative, that is here to stay!

    La Bonne Etoile

    Chef Isabel Arpin always scores highly. She is known for her inventive cooking and commitment to the most vulnerable. During the coronavirus crisis, for example, she cooked for healthcare providers in Brussels. With La Bonne Etoile, she provides tasty catered meals with organic ingredients from local producers. The Arpiness Week concept deserves a special mention here. For just €45, you and the whole family can enjoy the most delicious dishes for four days. 

    Le 203

    Le 203 in Saint-Gilles is a friendly hotspot for gourmets who love a cosy atmosphere and the best value for money. You can now enjoy their authentic cuisine at home. The brilliant chef, Richard Schaffer, conjures up a different menu every week based on his own inspiration and the vegetables in season. You can choose between two starters, three main dishes (meat, fish or vegetarian) and two desserts. Natural wines complete the experience.


    Do you know Frank.? This excellent foodie address is located right next to La Monnaie-De Munt, which used to be Brussels’ mint, back in the day. The name is a nod to the old Belgian currency, 'the franc'. Mathias and Marianne are not new to the business. She ran a coffee shop; he worked at Hummus & Hortense. Everything on the menu is of excellent quality, including specialty coffee and sweet treats like their cinnamon buns, which have become a household name. You can also go there for vegan sandwiches and the best pastrami rolls. Keep an eye on them during lockdown, they can get very creative!


    Sisters Sophie and Marie bid you welcome! Fans of savoury, traditional cuisine have come to the right (takeaway) place. The menu changes every week, according to the chef's inspiration. All meals are prepared with local and seasonal ingredients. Waste is completely out of the question here. Every Wednesday to Friday, from 16:00 to 19:30.

    Racines & Petit Racines

    Racines added a little piece of Italy to the Flagey neighbourhood in 2015. Ugo and Francesco conquered the hearts of many a Brussels native in no time with their Florentine-Neapolitan cuisine. Petit Racines, just down the road, was equally well received. And now there is Racines à la Maison. Three cheers for that! At Racines you can order a fixed weekly menu with four or five courses. Petit Racines offers fresh pasta dishes à la carte.



    Cowfish is launching an original takeaway concept called Tastefull. You get to work at home with a range of vacuum-packed ingredients and a precision cooker. The secret lies in the cuisson. Are you familiar with the sous vide cooking technique? Ingredients are cooked at low temperatures and, consequently, remain deliciously tender. The special packaging also ensures that the taste is perfectly preserved. Highly recommended!

    Beaucoup Fish

    At Beaucoup Fish you can drop in spontaneously at noon from Thursday to Saturday for a tasty lunch on-the-go: a shrimp croquette, fish soup or sandwich with the fish of the week. You can also order ready-made meals with instructions on how to prepare them. Be sure to order one day in advance because they work with extremely fresh products. On their website, they also centralise orders from their restaurant Beaucoup Belge. Enjoy your meal!