The 2018 Brussels Ambassadors Night

The 2018 Brussels Ambassadors Night

At the 2018 Brussels Ambassadors Night, honoured 12 ambassadors for their exemplary efforts and commitment to promoting Brussels as an attractive destination for international meetings, conferences and other events.

The impossible made possible

There was a touch of the impossible at the Brussels Ambassadors Night. Whether it was to be seen in the form of magic, surrealism or steep improbability, it was a definite reality. Any of the 150 academics, doctors, scientists, rectors, directors and chairpersons of international associations and other partners who attended the gala event would agree. But they most certainly would not let it overshadow the motivation behind the event: honouring Brussels Ambassadors.

Brussels: #1

Brussels Ambassadors are committed to MICE: Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events. They use their planning skills, insight, experience and an incredible level of organisation to encourage international organisations to run their MICE events in Brussels. They all promote Brussels as the ultimate destination for MICE events. This means endorsing the city, attracting interest and ultimately convincing different parties to hold their international events in Brussels, while also creating programmes so intriguing and appealing that invitees from far and wide will drop what they’re doing to attend.

A difficult challenge? This might be the reason why recognises efforts at the Brussels Ambassadors Night. But they also do this to thank the Ambassadors for the incredible successes they have had in making Brussels a MICE hotspot. In fact, in 2016, Brussels hosted 906 different meetings. The incredible number of events were responsible for annual receipts to the value of 632 million euros. Each year, these events fill 2.5 million hotel rooms and keep 18,000 locals employed. They have made Brussels the premier city, worldwide, for association congresses. A title to be proud of. And one to be celebrated.

From magic and circus acts to speeches

The networking opportunity was punctuated with spectacular circus acts taking centre stage.

The evening was emceed in Dutch, French and English by 2 masters of ceremonies (MC). The hosts delighted and entertained the crowd as they introduced film clips; the first detailing centres of excellence that had been highlighted by and the second announcing the 12 ambassadors who were to receive awards over the course of the evening, thanking them for choosing Brussels as the destination for their events.

Speeches were given by member of the Brussels Parliament and mayor of Evere, Rudi Vervoort, as well as two Brussels Ambassadors. They recounted their Brussels experiences for the audience.

The new ambassadors

The new ambassadors were recognised for their contributions for specific MICE events:

  • Mr. Jose Blanco – DDR (Demolition Decontamination and Recycling) Forum Expo – EDA (European Demolition Association);
  • Professor Dr. Jo Lambert (UZ Ghent) – 14th EADV (European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology) Spring Symposium 2017;
  • Mr. José Tereso – FCI (Fédération Colombophile Internationale) Olympiad;
  • Mr. Jean Maertens – 57th ECE (European Commodities Exchange);
  • Mr. Mony Elkaïm – IEFSH (Institut d’Etude de la Famille et des Systèmes Humains) Congress;
  • Mrs. Ruth Collier – IETM (International network for contemporary performing arts) Brussels Plenary Meeting;
  • Mr. Miquel Garcia – Revlon Style Masters Show;
  • Mr. Bart Bosveld – SETAC (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry) Europe Annual Meeting;
  • Mrs. Karen Boers – Tech Startup Day and Net Futures;
  • Mr. Alain Gallez – Stereopsia;
  • Mr. Peter Coenen – JA Europe Company of the Year competition;
  • Mr. Bertrand Lombart – 18th Biennal ESE (European Society of Endodontology) congress. heartily congratulates the new ambassadors and thanks them for their work in ensuring Brussels continues to develop as a destination for international MICE events.

The future

Guests from the Brussels Ambassadors Night have already begun responding with messages of appreciation for the evening. has also received praise for the organisation and execution of the event.

Energised by these successes and with a strong desire to acknowledge the excellent presentations and accomplishments of so many individuals and organisations who are yet to be honoured for their outstanding commitments and achievements, has already announced the third Brussels Ambassadors Night. It will take place in January 2019.

In the meantime, would like to thank everyone who has successfully played a part in establishing Brussels as such an attractive destination for MICE events, and encourages all involved to continue promoting Brussels in the future.