The best craft cake shops in Brussels

The best craft cake shops in Brussels

Brussels’ pastry chefs are without a doubt a match for their French neighbours. The capital is positively overflowing with talented individuals that have a knack for perfectly combining flavours with originality. Creators of sweet treats that will win over the most discerning palates.

Read on to find out about 11 craft pastry chefs who take cakes, ice creams, sweets and biscuits to another level. They revisit and update the great classics, taking your taste buds on new flights of fancy.

  • Brian Joyeux

    L’atelier Brian has its own vision of traditional pastry making. Brian and Anastasia Joyeux work in line with the seasons, using only premium products. In addition to the usual weekly pastries (éclair, lemon meringue tart, Paris Brest, Merveilleux, etc.), they come up with three different creations every day. In short, an enticing showcase that changes every day you pass by.


    Each creation by Anaïs Gaudemer is a pleasure for the taste buds and the eyes. A landscape architect by training, Anaïs creates delicate floral pastries. From seasonal desserts to biscuits, cakes and macaroons, this bubbly businesswoman brings delicious landscapes to life.


    Gingko puts a new take on taste through the great classics. Viennese pastries, breads, biscuits, cakes, pies, sweets, ice cream, chocolates, desserts, there is something for everyone!

    Maison Zack

    Jean-Charles Zaquine is the pastry maker behind Maison Zack. The cake shop boasts all the great classics, tweaked with a multicultural and high-end gastronomic approach. The ingredients are hand-picked, giving priority to short supply chains and seasonal ingredients. 

    Nicolas Arnaud          

    Nicolas Arnaud, one of the big names in pastry making in Belgium and France, approaches his pastries like works of art. He draws out the flavours while adding an aesthetic flourish. His workshop, located in the Châtelain district, is a foodie heaven!

    Nikolas Koulepis

    Nikolas Koulepis, a pastry chef of Greek origin, earned his stripes in the kitchens of Villa Lorraine, Bouchéry and Notos before launching his own pastry shop. His pastries are inspired by the great French classics but also by the flavours of his native Greece.

    Pierre Marcolini

    Voted the world's best pastry chef in 2020, Pierre Marcolini has travelled the four corners of the world for more than twenty years to find the rarest cocoas. What drives him? Giving pleasure and sharing his passion. His universe and know-how have long since conquered palates here and abroad.


    Saint-Aulaye is a traditional craft bakery and cake shop where indulgence is the key word. A veritable reference in the field in Brussels for almost 35 years. Its classic staples and new creations share the common denominators of quality, fresh, seasonal ingredients. This is thanks to the exacting demands of Fabien Grégoire and Frédéric Dupont, labelled Compagnons du Tour de France, and their team.


     Yasushi Sasaki, the recipient of many prestigious awards, is a pastry chef specialising in chocolate. He takes an innovative approach to the great classics by reducing the sugar and bringing out the original flavours. His creations are light, airy and aesthetic, with a subtle Japanese touch, whether in the form of cakes, biscuits, macaroons, jams or pastries.


    Succulente is the first artisanal vegan patisserie in Brussels. All their pastries, breads and Viennese pastries are therefore prepared without ingredients of animal origin. At Succulente, it's all about flavour.


    Vincent Denis dessert Bar

    A new concept dedicated to sugar founded by Vincent Denis, who was crowned Belgium’s Top Chef 2014 whilst pastry chef of the restaurant "L'Eveil des Sens". With his Dessert Bar, Vincent has turned pastries into a gastronomic delight in their own right.

    Van Dender

    Herman Van Dender is renowned for his pastries and chocolates. He even seduced the Belgian Royal Court, which he has been supplying since 2018. His pralines are also a huge success in Japan. A must, therefore, if you are looking for a sophisticated delicacy.


    Wittamer, a family-run business, has enjoyed an outstanding reputation for more than 100 years. Its cakes, desserts and party pieces have become ingrained in the culinary memories of family dinners of many Belgians, and of travellers who have succumbed to the temptation.