The top 5 playgrounds in Brussels

The top 5 playgrounds in Brussels

There are more than 300 sports and playgrounds in Brussels. 300 ? And yes, nothing else !  Lovers of slides, swings, zip wire and sandboxes, Brussels has everything you need to satisfy you!

The weather is nice and you are looking for activities to do with the younger ones? Take a tour of Brussels and enjoy a break in one of the capital's many playgrounds. Here are our five favourite playgrounds of the moment. Adventure, escape and laughter guaranteed!

  • The Scheutbos playground

    1 - The Rouge-Cloître playground

    What if Neverland was in Brussels, on the edge of the Sonian Forest? To find out for sure, go and discover it for yourself at Rouge-Cloître, the second star on the right, then straight ahead until the morning! Captain Hook's boat is sailing on the lower plain while the Lost Children have found refuge on the upper plain, but watch out for the crocodiles!

    2 - The Renier Chalon playground

    If you don't feel like trying out the slides and climbing structures, take along shovels, buckets and other accessories for the sand. The playground is large, there is a space for the little ones, table tennis tables and toilets on site. What if you were to draw the biggest motor circuit of all Brussels in the sand? 

    3 -  The George Henri Park playground

    This park hides a somewhat mysterious character: a real wooden giant! But don't worry, he won't budge if your children make faces at him. Toboggan, climbing games, maze,... a rather complete playground, all with your feet in the sand!

    4 - The Porte de Hal playground

    Gentlemen and damsels, this playground, which looks like a medieval castle, was made for you ! The ideal atmosphere for climbing, jumping, swinging, while pretending to be valiant knights.

    5 - The Scheutbos playground

    Here we find not one, but two playgrounds! For the little ones, head for the one with its Far West atmosphere with saloon, prison and wooden horses. The other plain is made for the more daring, with large climbing structures, balance courses and some fast slides!

    Do your little ones already know these playgrounds by heart? Here are some other suggestions proposed by Brussels Environment.