The UIA Association Round Table Europe 2017: we were there!

The UIA Association Round Table Europe 2017: we were there!

For the 3rd time, Brussels was hosting the UIA Associations Round Table Europe 2017. For one day, association experts were sharing their experience and knowledge with people working in and with (international) associations.

Every participant had the chance to learn through networking and through practice.

Brussels, the world’s leading capital for international associations !

For this reason has set up the Association Bureau, a unique resource providing specific services to the ones wishing to develop their activities in Brussels, serving all those present or coming to the first city in the world for international organizations.

UIA, based in Brussels, is a pioneer in the research, monitoring and provision of information on international associations; it documents and collects associations’ work. Based on their research, the event put together key elements from current and upcoming trends; human resources, leadership, public relations, sustainable founding and legal issues were among the discussed topics.

During three series of 6 simultaneously held workshops the attendees had the opportunity among others to discuss about the new Global Data Protection Regulation and about other legal issues related to changes in the Belgian legislation for international associations. They also had the chance to talk about the impact of social networks in public relations, or to learn more about the value and the role of a federation of international associations in Belgium.

Being the premier partner of this year edition, it was an opportunity for the Association Bureau to give an update about Brussels as destination and the services and resources it offers to international associations.

The UIA Round Tables move each year.

The next sessions will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (26 and 27 September 2018) and Lyon, France (15 and 16 November 2018).

More information about the UIA Associations Round Table 2017 – here.