Top 10 best spots for prawn croquettes in Brussels: Edition 2019

Top 10 best spots for prawn croquettes in Brussels: Edition 2019

Prawn croquettes are veritable icons of Belgian gastronomy, and are a real “must” when you visit Brussels.

Crunchy outside and fluffy inside, these classics of Belgian cuisine are eaten with a squeeze of lemon juice and deep-fried parsley. 
Ever-present on the menus of countless restaurants, it’s hard to know where to find the best ones. Thankfully, in 2018, launched a competition to find the restaurants serving up the best prawn croquettes in the capital.

Has all this talk got your mouth watering? Perfect, because here’s our top 10 from the 2019 edition of the competition:

  • 1. Fernand Obb Delicatessen

    Winner of the inaugural edition of the competition to find the best shrimp croquette in Brussels, Fernand Obb is a popular Belgian cuisine counter in Saint-Gilles. Here everything is homemade and showcases popular dishes such as fricadelle, white pudding, américain,... It can all be accompanied by a Belgian beer and enjoyed in a warm, delicious atmosphere.! 

    Rue de Tamines 27, 1060 Saint-Gilles 

  • 2. The 1040 

    Jean-Philippe Watteyne - former contestant on TV cooking competition Top Chef - has moved to Sofitel Brussels Europe. At The 1040 you can enjoy brasserie cuisine where the Belgian classics are revisited with a little bit of added creativity from the chef

    Place Jourdan 1, 1040 Etterbeek


  • 3. Beaucoup Fish 

    The menu at Beaucoup Fish is made up of the fruits of the sea and nothing but the sea. Chef Sofie Warnants offers a cuisine that features produce fresh from the market, in a contemporary setting.

    Rue Van Gaver 2, 1000 Brussels


  • 4. Le Rossini

    Opened this year, this gourmet restaurant in the heart of Brussels, is what you could call a family affair. At Rossini, local and seasonal products, good food and simplicity are on the menu.

    Boulevard Adolphe Max 7, 1000 Brussels

  • 5. Les Caves d’Alex 

    Les Caves d’Alex, is the meeting place for mature beef lovers in Brussels! Since the beginning of 2019, this restaurant has been offering Alex's tasty creations and the discovery of Hughes' wines in a cosy atmosphere. The little added bonus: the garden, which is a little patch of peace in the heart of the busy capital!

    Rue Eugène Cattoir 14, 1050 Ixelles


  • 6. Lola 

    Recently taken over by the Litvine family, this classical and contemporary brasserie offers a wide choice of Belgian specialities, but not only that! At Chez Lola, don't hesitate to try the shrimp croquettes, teriyaki salmon or calf sweetbreads. 

    Place du Grand Sablon 33, 1000 Brussels 

  • 7. Aux Armes de Bruxelles 

    A city centre institution, "aux Armes de Bruxelles" is the place to go to treat yourself! Refurbished in 2018, this restaurant offers the great classics of Belgian and Brussels brasserie cuisine such as shrimp croquettes.

    Rue des Bouchers 13, 1000 Brussels

  • 8. Racine Carrée 

    Thibauld Everard and his partner Nancy decided to settle in the south of the capital. At Racine Carrée you will only find five starters and five main courses. They offer a short and seasonal menu that combines elegance and delicacy. 

    Chaussée de Waterloo 1127, 1180 Uccle

  • 9. Les Petits Bouchons 

    With its typical bistro atmosphere and its market cuisine, les Petits Bouchons is the meeting point between tradition, good food and above all, culinary pleasure. 

    Chaussée d'Alsemberg 832, 1180 Uccle

  • 10. Les Brasseries Georges 

    Les Brasseries Georges is the most Parisian of Brussels institutions! Known for its Art Deco setting and its seafood counter, this restaurant offers seafood and Belgian specialities such as the veal kidney fricassee. There's something for everyone!

    Avenue Winston Churchill 259, 1180 Uccle

  • Top 10 - Edition 2018 :

    1. Fernand Obb - Rue de Tamines 27, 1060 Saint-Gilles 
    2. La Quincaillerie - Rue du Page 45, 1050 Ixelles
    3. Ma Folle de Sœur - Chaussée de Charleroi 53, 1060 Brussels 
    4. Restaurant François - Quai aux Briques 2, 1000 Brussels 
    5. Todt’s Café - Rue de Rollebeek 11, 1000 Brussels 
    6. Belga Queen - Rue du Fossé aux Loups 32, 1000 Brussels 
    7. Toucan Brasserie - Avenue Louis Lepoutre 1, 1050 Ixelles 
    8. L'Atelier de Willy - Boulevard Emile Jacqmain 118, 1000 Brussels  
    9. La Guinguette en Ville - Rue du Béguinage 9, 1000 Brussels 
    10. La Brasserie de la Gare - Chaussée de Gand 1430, 1082 Berchem-Sainte-Agathe