Top addresses in Brussels: ten exclusive perfume and cosmetics shops

Top addresses in Brussels: ten exclusive perfume and cosmetics shops

You may be familiar with widely advertised perfumes and cosmetics, but did you know that a wonderful world opens up for you when you step into these niche boutiques? You'll end up wishing you had a few more noses! Take the time to get thoroughly acquainted with the scent or lotion that might become your future trademark!

  • Senteurs d’Ailleurs

    Place Stéphanie houses the two prestigious boutiques of Senteurs d'Ailleurs. What started in 1997 as a family business with products from Provence, has grown into the largest haute parfumerie & haute cosmétique in Europe. It’s a fountain of designer fragrances, rare pearls and exclusive labels. It all sounds very exclusive but rest assured, the team is extremely helpful and approachable.

    Beauty by Kroonen & Browne

    Beauty by Kroonen & Browne is housed in a beautiful old mansion in the upmarket Sablon district. This charming beauty hotspot prioritises atmosphere and service. Come and immerse yourself in subtle scents and carefully formulated skin care products. Alternatively, book a facial, manicure and make-up lesson at their beauty salon.

    Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactifs

    In a picturesque street of the Sablon district lies the discreet perfume bar Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactifs. Welcome to Adja’s world. She takes the lead for a waltz that twirls you from one delightful perfume to another. The house specialises in artisanal, natural and botanical perfumes. Adja also offers workshops and creates customised perfumes.


    Looking for the ultimate in exclusivity? Look no further than l'Antichambre on place Brugmann in Ixelles! Clients have been having their very own custom perfumes created here since 2009. Anne Pascale, the inspiration behind l'Antichambre, assists you in developing your body scent using your own selection from some 30 basic extracts. You’ll come away with a magnum opus that fully reflects your character and who you are. You even choose the name yourself. It doesn't get more personal than this!

    Parfum d’Ambre

    A warm welcome from Olga and Hubert awaits you at Parfum d'Ambre in the Châtelain district. Picture a soft landing in this niche boutique's tastefully decorated reception room. Here you’ll find not only a wonderful range of elegant perfumes from luxury houses and artisanal designers, but also workshops and events that emphasise how art and perfume are intertwined.

    Smell Stories

    You could never call Smell Stories an ordinary perfumery. This quirky address in the trendy Quartier Saint-Jacques is a concept store dedicated to scent. You’ll find home sprays, scented candles, soaps, incense and even laundry detergent. You won't find any commercial, elite brands here. Instead there are plenty of original and affordable creations by independent scent artists that you won't find anywhere else. Good to know: their products are presented within their family of fragrances - not using the traditional classifications of brand and gender.     


    Going to Fort Jaco in Uccle? Then be sure to drop in to Freshlab, the brainchild of passionate duo Daniel and Melanie. You'll find an impressive collection of trendy perfumes, top dermatological brands, wonder creams that put Botox to shame and hair care products that will get you ready for the red carpet. Enough said!    

    Boutique Sorcière : Delbôve Botanical Skincare

    Brussels cosmetics brand Delbôve has quite the backstory. It all started in the 1960s. Roger was a famous hairdresser; his wife Marion had a beauty salon. Dissatisfied with the products available at the time, she created her own face cream with the help of a biochemist and phytotherapist. It turned out to be a magic formula and the range was appropriately named 'Sorcière'. In 2011, two loyal customers decided to help write the next chapter to this success story. Highly recommended! 


    The small beauty boutique Cosmeticary is in the fashionable Dansaert district, close to the former stock exchange building. At the helm are Jean and Nina. They love guiding customers through the world of make-up and skincare. Some brands are exclusive to Cosmeticary.


    On rue Antoine Dansaert, Labelchic radiates as a flamingo-pink oasis for lovers of green cosmetics. Océane is happy to show you around her stylish shop that is reminiscent of an art gallery. She enthusiastically reveals all her secrets about promising hair serums, organic facials and other sustainable beauty programmes.

    Bonus :

    Les Savonneries Bruxelloises

    Soap making company Savonneries Bruxelloises came into being almost a century ago. The factory was - and still is - just a stone’s throw from Tour & Taxis: ideal for exporting goods. Since 2016, the company has been able to proudly call itself supplier to the Royal Court of Belgium. Just before the COVID crisis struck, two young Brussels entrepreneurs took up the challenge of continuing the company, while fully respecting its traditions. They don't generally supply to individuals, but their website has information about where you can find retail addresses. From now on, wash your hands thoroughly with authentic Brussels soap!