Vegan Brussels: 5 restaurants for totally vegan celebrations

Vegan Brussels: 5 restaurants for totally vegan celebrations

Ahhh... Christmas! You don't need turkey or beef to enjoy all the magic. Here are 5 Brussels restaurants that have swapped foie gras for tofu or lentil terrine. Places for a 100% vegan celebration!

  • 1. Humus X Hortense

    This is THE vegan restaurant of the moment. It was voted “World’s Best Vegan Restaurant” at the We're Smart Taste Summit. Say no more!

    Humus x hortense is one of the best mainly because it offers a real gourmet experience. Their simple and sophisticated cuisine allows you to rediscover vegetables as you've never tasted them before. Throughout the seasons, their menu changes with nature. A true explosion of flavours and unexpected dishes, all in an enchanting setting... Enough to delight even the most committed carnivores!

    What type of Christmas?

    Humus x hortense is the perfect place for a special, romantic Christmas in Brussels. An opportunity to mark the occasion and enjoy yourself! Even so, plan a modest budget (€126/pers. for the evening menu).

  • 2. Le Botaniste

    Le Botaniste will knock the socks off fans of healthy and natural food. Right in the heart of the European district, a stone’s throw from the Schuman Roundabout, this veggie café opened just a year ago. With its 19th-century décor and its 100% green dishes, this eatery has it all. Affordable prices, organic, local and seasonal cuisine... You’ll be back!

    What type of Christmas?

    Perfect for a Christmas lunch/brunch as a couple, with family or friends. An informal setting where you are served at the counter and sit where you like (no reservations possible). Their counter offers a diverse choice of food that can be eaten on site or taken away!

  • 3. Les Nourritures Terrestres

    A different district, a different ambiance, Les Nourritures Terrestres is located on Parvis de Saint-Gilles. A venue popular with the area’s veggies for the quality of its products, its tasty cuisine and its good value for money. Far from the veggie hype, this vegetarian and vegan café has retained its simplicity and friendliness. Enjoy your food surrounded by joy and good humour!

    What type of Christmas?

    Les Nourritures Terrestres is the ideal place for a hassle-free Christmas lunch with friends or as a family. And if you're in an indoorsy mood, you can take away so you can treat yourself while staying warm at home!

  • 4. Le Dolma

    Dolma is a pioneer among Brussels’ vegetarian restaurants. It opened in 1973 in Ixelles focusing on macrobiotic cooking. In 1996, it adopted the name “Dolma” and the chefs began to serve an exclusively vegetarian and vegan cuisine, as is still the case today. You will be charmed by their passionate and experienced team and the quality of their food. Lentil pastilla, saffron rice, carrot mousseline and more. At Dolma, vegan goes hand in hand with delicious.

    What type of Christmas?

    Affordable prices, all you can eat buffet, wooded decor: Dolma is the ultimate welcoming restaurant! Go there for a cosy, friendly Christmas where you can enjoy generous dishes with the people you love

  • 5. AMI

    AMI is a gourmet, vegetarian restaurant a stone’s throw from Place Flagey. Burgers, pastas, lasagne or vegetable steaks, there’s plenty to eat. The restaurant is also sustainable and environmentally-friendly, since all their dishes are homemade. Vegan burger buns, a 100% Belgian and organic cuisine, everything is still tasty and generous... What more could you want?

    What type of Christmas?

    Ideal for a small, easy-going restaurant with friends or for a post-Christmas lunch in a great area of Brussels. AMI is open Sundays and during the day, so it's a good place to eat at lunchtime. And if you're the only veggie in your group of friends, no problem. AMI has a wide-ranging menu and there’s (genuinely) something for everyone.