Virtual reality: four Brussels locations where you can have a go

Virtual reality: four Brussels locations where you can have a go

Do you want to feel new sensations and be immersed in an entirely fabricated virtual world? In Brussels, immersion is guaranteed thanks to virtual reality! 

Originally reserved for video games, virtual reality is now evolving quickly. It has even become a part of the scenarios in Brussels' Escape Rooms. Whether you are a fan of new technologies, a regular user or just curious, come along and experience immersion in another dimension. Try to overcome your opponents and phobias with your friends and family in these different venues across the capital!

  • Virtual reality time travel   

    At Virtual Room, a pioneer of the genre in Brussels, put on your helmet and try this cutting-edge technological concept with time-travel-based missions suitable for everyone. Travel through different eras in teams of two to four people and reveal your inventiveness to solve the puzzles you are given. Communication with your teammates will be the key to success. 

    Unique expériences in virtual worlds

    You know it's an illusion, yet it all seems so real! Welcome to Zero Latency's virtual reality in the university district of Ixelles. This Australian company has opened more than forty sites on four continents and has been repeatedly praised for its innovative use of free-roam VR. You can move around freely through over 200m² and get completely lost in adrenaline-pumping shooters and other adventures with your family, friends or colleagues.

    Infinite immersive adventures 

    Try the virtual reality games at Futurist Games in central Brussels. Put on your helmet and prepare to be amazed by more than 30 ultra-realistic worlds that you can explore on your own or transform into the sites of spectacular battles against your friends. It is impossible to be bored with all these possibilities: take on the role of intergalactic soldiers, survive a zombie apocalypse or immerse yourself in the vast Arctic Ocean.

    Futurist Games


    Pure, 100% adrenaline-filled virtual reality

    Virtual reality centre Immersion VR opened its doors in 2019 not far from the Royal Quarter. It offers more than forty immersive VR experiences, ideal for team building or a fun (but intensive!) moment with friends or family. From escapist games and car racing simulations to pure action thrillers and epic time travel, there is something for everyone!