Join the press club

Join the press club

Brussels has the largest community of journalists in Europe. How to enhance your network? While invitations to press conferences and events are always helpful, a helpful hand from experienced peers will shorten all the steps for any newcomer.

Located in the EU Quarter, the Brussels Press Club Europe is a gathering place for media representatives from all around the world and a platform for press conferences, public debates among media, representatives of the European institutions, civil society organisations, the Belgian economy, science and cultural life.

Very active in the network of existing Press Clubs all over the world, it also closely interacts with the accredited embassies and representations of the European regions, as well as international associations present in Brussels.

A professional and social club for its members, with press, drinks, Brussels city and cultural information available every day, its venue also offers a state-of-the-art infrastructure and technical installations for video streaming, conferences, and business events.

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